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By Javier Gonzalez, P.A. | Agent in Coconut Grove, FL

“Donde estan Casas?”

Coconut Grove is my home sweet home, and this week’s market recap is going to take a closer look at the limited supply of available homes for sale (topic d’jour) and expensive rents in this area of my magic city.


We all agree there’s a shortage of homes for sale in this highly desired neighborhood and rents are on the rise, but ever wonder why?


Well folks, ‘cause it ain’t 2006 anymore and it never will be again….simple as that.


For those of us who have been around for a while, we know that we have settled into your typical Real Estate Selling market where reasons to sell are not just profit driven (in other words, you are not going to make 100k in a day) and now are mostly “life” driven.


So, que es “life”?


Upgrading, downsizing, relocating, parting ways or retiring (and profit).



You want out of the 1/1 condo on SoBe ‘cause your other “half” does not want to live where your past other “halfs” did or you just want a better place for your new “half”.



Tired of your better half telling you “the roof is falling, the yard needs to be cut, place needs painting…etc”.



Got the offer but with a soft job market, you prefer to lease (not sure how long job will be).


Parting ways?

Without the $$$$ to split, all the “half’s” are staying together.


Retiring or Heavens waiting room?

Looking to cash in on the single largest asset or you just “cashed” out.


Coconut Grove is not that big and the factors driving today’s Sellers are why they cannot supply the demand of incoming Buyers.


So Jav, how come Sellers are not willing to put their properties on the market for profit?

Easy,’ cause the buyers who are buying are buying Value….


Got Value, Got Deal.


Looking to Profit, gonna be tough.


Welcome to the olden days……..

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