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By Amanda and Jared Christiansen | Agent in Fort Wayne, IN

How do YOU stay positive??

I had a great weekend, worked a lot, accomplished a lot, and even got to take a break and see a good movie (see my movie review of Gran Torino in my previous post).  I felt good, was on fire and felt like I was on top of the world!!!

Then Monday morning came.  I woke up at 7:30, came downstairs and poured myself some Frosted Flakes (THEIR GRRREAT!!), said hello to my pet bunny Thumper, then came out to my office to check my emails. 

I pulled up the blinds on the huge window and saw the gray skies, cold snow, pile of branches they still haven't collected from the ice storm (again, see previous post) and just shrugged my shoulders.  It started...

As I ate my frosted flakes one of the flakes got stuck in between my teeth.  Dammit that hurt!  I jerked quickly and then hit my toe on the desk.  Dammit that hurt again!!  It continued...

I get a lead!!  Oh snap!  I'm so excited!  Then I see it is somebody looking for house to rent.  Hmm... It builds...

Then I log on to a social networking site and see a status update that is disturbing.  Something about the banks crashing, no money to be lent, recession, foreclosures, on and on and on and on....  Guess what?  It explodes!!!!!

What is IT?  The negativity that runs in the blood and the breath and the voice of  so many people today!!!  And I find myself STUCK right in the middle of it!!  I start to doubt, I start to wonder, I start to think HOLY CRAP what if all this is true?  What if all the banks die, the money goes away, nobody can afford to buy houses, gas prices go up, OH NO OH NO OH NO WHATEVER WILL WE ALL DO??????????????

So then I took a breath and thought to myself...  Self, you need to get out of this environment and get yourself around positive people.  See today was supposed to be a day where I worked from home but obviously it wasn't!  I got out of my Troy Aikman jersey and my big black fluffy slippers and I got dressed like an adult and went to my office at RE/Max Home Connection here in Fort Wayne, IN (shameless plug, and I'm okay with it).

I walk in and there's our closing agent who greets me with a HUGE smile and a great big GOOD MORNING!!  I pop my head in and say hello to our office manager, and he greets me with a big smile and then he makes some sarcastic comment, but that's just what he does, it means he likes me..  and then my Broker (who is a bundle of positive love and energy!!!!) says HELLO GOOD MORNING!!  Then there's my beautiful wife in her office.  Of course I get the big smile from her and guess what?  It started...

I get settled in my office and start working.  I hear people in the office laughing, making jokes with each other, and I feel more and more light.  It continued...

I asked my office manager to please print off some temporary business cards for me (my new ones should be in any day now!!).  He asks me if I want a picture included and I say OF COURSE and I forward him a picture.  A few minutes later I hear my Broker break out in laughter, then the closing agent, then my wife.  When my office manager came to show me the cards he printed I BURST out in laughter too!!  There was the card, my info, etc, but what got me was that at the bottom of the RE/Max balloon was where he put my face.  Teeny tiny, could barely see it, my face was the basket!!  Hilarious!!  Of course he printed up the right ones after that.  It builds...

I feel lighter and continue to work, just moving forward.  I get an email from somebody that is moving into town and looking for a new home for her and her family.  BINGO!!  I was almost bursting at the seams!!  IT EXPLODES!!!

What is IT?  The POSITIVITY that runs in the blood and the breath and the voice of so many people today!!!  And I find myself BASKING right in the middle of it!!  I start to get chills, I start to get excited, I start to think HOLY CRAP I LOVE IT!!!! 

I'm a big believer in the law of attraction, what you put out you get back.  When I put out negativity I attracted negativity, when I put out positivity I attracted that too.

I am thankful for the positive people around me, especially family and friends and the team I am now a part of.  Stay positive, stay out of your heads, and STAY IN THE MOMENT!! 

FYI, when I came home all the branches were cleared out of my yard.  How's that?  :)

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