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Utilizing a Self-Storage Unit During a Move: Tips and Compare!

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This is a guest post by Matt Schexnayder of Sparefoot Marketing.  Check out and compare storage units for your move!!

Top 5 Supplies for Self-Storage Storage

So you thought you were ready for your move, until you realized that you just don’t have the space needed at your new home to house all of your belongings. What do you do? Sell your stuff, or perhaps give it away? Sounds displeasing. Instead, consider renting a Portland self-storage unit for the safe keeping of those non-essential items you can’t seem to part with.

Self-storage units are the best way to store your excess inventory during what is sure to be a stressful time. And SpareFoot is here to make sure your self-storage experience goes as smoothly as possible, so we have prepared a top 5 list of the most important components of an organized, safe storage unit.

1. Locks. Despite the modern security features in many self-storage facilities, a sturdy lock should be your number one investment to ensure the safety and security of stored belongings. Discuss with your self-storage manager to determine which lock will be best-suited for your needs.

2. Boxes. Not only are boxes easier to stack and stow, but they will create much more usable space within your storage unit. You can find boxes for free at liquor stores and supermarkets (get there early in the week when fresh inventory usually arrives), or you can cough up a few bucks for new, more durable moving boxes available at your self-storage facility and most home improvement stores. Get uniformed sizing to avoid unbalanced mixing and matching, which will help facilitate a more accessible unit.

3. Tape. A good roll of duct and/or clear packaging tape is the perfect tool to seal your boxes. And be sure to stock plenty of it, you never realize how much you need until you run out.

4. Wrapping supplies. When it comes to padding, you can never be too safe. Save newspapers while you plan the move so you don’t have to go searching, and opt for bubble wrap to protect your more precious items. Small bubbles will reduce the shock of a dropped package to fragile items like glass, while larger bubbles are well-suited for protecting antique furniture items.

5. Shelving. An organized shelving system is what separates professional-grade storage spaces from amateur closets. Shelving makes your unit accessible, and facilitates your move by providing a designated spot for each item. Many storage facilities will equip your storage unit with shelving according to your specifications, or you can snag some on the cheap through Craigslist or Ikea. Just make sure to get the correct measurements first.

During your next move, try using the security and convenience of a self-storage facility. These units will have you rest assured that your belongings are safe and ready for you whenever it is you decide that you need them.

This article was written by Matt Schexnayder. Matt is on the SpareFoot marketing team and writes for the SpareFoot blog. SpareFoot is the largest online marketplace for self-storage with more than 5,000 self-storage facilities listed nationwide. SpareFoot offers consumers the most complete comparison shopping experience in the storage industry and has been a big part of the national moving and storage industry for over 3 years.



By jessesToons,  Wed Apr 10 2013, 09:28
Thanks for sharing this article, its just what I've been looking for! I would love more than anything to get a handle on my storage Chilliwack. I've been so stressed lately trying to get it all figured out. Thank you again for all of these tips and pointers, really appreciate it.
By averyschlacter32,  Thu Sep 19 2013, 07:52
Thank you so much I've been moving recently and have been trying to find secure self storage in Minneapolis but haven't had any luck. I think this could help out a lot.
By Rodhe Stevens,  Fri May 23 2014, 08:44
Shelving!? That is an awesome idea I will definitely implement (after measuring of course)! I have one other suggestion to add, we use those giant plastic/rubber storage things (rubbermaid maybe) for the things that have a habit of poking holes through boxes or are more sensitive to humidity/water damage. They stack pretty easily and are sturdy. Be sure to choose a storage facility that is well lit and has a method of access after hours so your things are safe while still being accessible to you :) http://www.goldrockstorage.net/Services

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