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By Jamie Tian | Agent in Los Angeles, CA

Pros and Cons of a Homeowner's Association (HOA)

A homeowners association, commonly referred to as a HOA, is a group organized to create and enforce rules for a neighborhood or a condominium building/complex. Its goal is generally to maintain an overall conformity to protect the property values of the community. 

The HOA must abide by the CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions) that were originally set up for governing the community. Monthly or annual dues are generally collected and used to maintain and upkeep common areas and amenities. Each HOA has its own rules and regulations and provides different services. It is important to find out about all the rules and policies of the HOA before purchasing a property.

There are many pros and cons to living in a community with a HOA:


Maintenance - HOA's maintain and pay for common areas and amenities provided by the community or building. This often includes swimming pools, parks, tennis courts, gym, etc.

Services - HOA's often also provide services to its building or neighborhood. This can include neighborhood/building security, street sweeping, valet parking, etc.

Property Value - HOA's regulate certain factors to keep conformity and help keep the neighborhood/building attractive. These rules regarding paint colors, renovation restrictions, and rules about signs around the neighborhood help to maintain property values.

Mediation - HOA's can help to resolve disputes between neighbors quickly so that no hard feelings are left over.


Intrusive - Too many rules can be annoying and you may want to paint your house a certain color that's not allowed. Sometimes the rules may seem unreasonable.

Expensive - HOA monthly fees can be expensive and are another bill to be added to the list of expenses. HOA fees are usually higher in full service condominiums with valet parking, 24-hour security, concierge, swimming pools, and exercise facilities.

Fines - You may face fines if you break the rules!

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By Jane Peters,  Fri Feb 8 2013, 23:08
This is a great explanation of HOA dues. Many people don't understand what they cover.
By Connie Fitzgerald,  Sat Feb 9 2013, 09:48
I agree with Jane. "Mediation - HOA's can help to resolve disputes between neighbors quickly so that no hard feelings are left over." There really are benefits to having an HOA, but you mostly hear why buyers don't want an HOA. This is great information to share with them. Thanks for Posting Jamie!
By David Rudd,  Sun Feb 17 2013, 09:24
Good post! Thanks
By Fsbofox,  Tue Mar 5 2013, 17:21
Helpful information for our clients, thanks!
By Jason Ling,  Wed Mar 27 2013, 19:34
Very helpful!
By Cybertooth,  Wed Jul 3 2013, 15:54
This is a great explanation and is correct but it doesn’t have to be this way. The problem with HOAs is they care more about property than people. It is time we correct this attitude. People can re-charter their HOAs to make them constitutional. A web site dedicated to helping people re-charter their HOAs is located at: http://recharterhoas.wordpress.com/introduction/.
By Helen Oliveri,  Sat Aug 10 2013, 10:10
Great blog!
By Brock Lee,  Tue Nov 26 2013, 06:37
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