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Jaimee Brosko's Blog

By Jaimee Brosko-Smith | Agent in Delaware County, PA


Anyone who lives, works (real estate agents), has children who attend or just pays taxes in UD school district should be attending this meeting tonight making your voice heard. We do have a say in our children's schooling and the property taxes we pay. YOU CANNOT COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMETHING UNTIL YOU GET INVLOVED!


By Rocky,  Sun Feb 10 2013, 09:12
Hello, I am a very concerned property owner in Upper Darby. Unfortunately I missed the meeting. The problem here is the School Taxes. They go up every year and it looks as though they will rise another 8.7% again this year. Our homes are underwater here. How do we sell a house when the taxes are higher than the mortgage payment. No one on the School board cares about the Homeowners. We are the ones paying. Where is this money going? Are we supposed to loose our homes because we can't pay the taxes? Are we just supposed to pay our mortgages for 30 years and then have our Property Taxes so high that it's like holding another mortgage. How about our seniors? I have neighbors who were retired and picking up 2nd jobs to pay their School taxes. This is not American!! When this Country was founded we were only supposed to be taxed 1% of our income. What the Heck happened? We say nothing so they do nothing.
By Disgusted Home Owner,  Fri Dec 6 2013, 16:59
No matter how involved you are NOTHING HAPPENS! This district is a disgrace, I have paid over $40,000 in taxes since 2003. PATHETIC the schools suck and they just keep raising the taxes. It isn't even safe to walk outside anymore. Most of the people who work for this school district live in neighboring districts where taxes are cheaper, nicer and safer then UD. Get rid of the damn school taxes I am all for paying higher sales tax and more payroll tax at least then everyone is paying thier fair share not just home owners.
By mccants.june,  Fri Jun 27 2014, 23:06
Jaimeee I am in agreement with the 2 home owners in Upper Darby. I am under water as well in my home. My escrow payment is higher than my mortgage payment and I am thinking of leaving the area. The bad thing is I am stuck in this rut no one wants to let me out of without penalty. The neighborhood has changed and crime gone up. Why live in a high tax area I can not enjoy anymore?

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