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By Jade Allsop | Both Buyer and Seller in Tempe, AZ

Why the Seller Rejects Your Offer

It can be very disappointing to meet sellers who will reject your offer for some reason. If you got your heart set on the Tempe Real estate property you found from the online listings for Tempe Homes for Sale, you should know that these things happen quite often, and sometimes you really can't help but face disappointment when you can't get the house that you want. That's why it's not wise to get emotionally attached to a house before you get it into escrow. Perhaps this is difficult but even then, you have to expect that there are some things that may still go wrong. It is important that you understand the reason why the seller rejected your purchase offer so you can learn from them and you do not have to make the same mistakes again. Here are some of the reasons:


The offer did not match up with what the seller wants
Sometimes a seller is looking for a buyer who can be amenable to some of his/her needs. If this is the case, he'll be on the lookout for a buyer who may be willing to accept his contingency that he'll only sell the house if the owner of the house he wants to buy accepts his offer, or that the buyer will agree to a long closing. If your expectations on early vacancy don’t coincide with the seller's needs, he may be more inclined to go with other buyers.

The offer is too low
Sometimes, making a mistake on offering too low from the list price may really tick the seller off and lead them to believe that you're not serious about buying the property. If the price is ridiculously low from their point of view, they may not be willing to continue with the negotiations. They won't make a counter offer and that's it. It's a dead end for you because negotiations have already stopped. 


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