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By Irena Popilevsky | Broker in Staten Island, NY

Troubleshoot your toilet without a plumber

You're spending a lot more time in the bathroom than you'd like because your toilet never seems to completely flush on the first try.

The quick fix
A poorly flushing standard toilet can be caused by a number of different problems. Lift the tank cover, and first check the chain that runs from the flapper cap to the flush handle; if it is too long, the handle won't lift the flapper cap sufficiently. Shorten the chain length by hooking into another link of the chain. Next, look at the water level in the tank; the amount of water affects how strong the flush will be. If the tank is not filling all the way (there should be a fill line on the inside of the tank), carefully bend the bulb of the float valve up a bit and see if the tank will fill. If it does not, use a small mirror to check the toilet bowl rim holes through which the water enters the bowl. If they are blocked, clean them with a small nail and an acid-based porcelain cleaner. If none of the above does the trick, you may have a misadjusted or faulty fill valve that needs replacement.
Hope this helps.
On Your Team. Irena Popilevsky


By David & Samuel Rifkin,  Thu Jan 31 2013, 10:11
Thank you very much for this great information.

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