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By fanny montalvo | Broker in New York, NY

As the song says-

'Baby it's cold Outside'...

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Just in time for holiday hearth in home...Wouldn't  you just love a fireplace – but oh-oh, think you have to live in a house to have one? Think again! Portable fireplaces can be found in styles ranging from traditional, contemporary, to modern and any size from freestanding, corners, and wall mounted….Simply insert gel cans as you would normal sterno, light, and sit by the fire and warm/decorate any room….

  1. Design

    • Your faux fireplace will have one of two designs: a freestanding unit that you can take with you to your next home or a fireplace base that is added to the wall. Freestanding units are readily available for purchase online or at your local home improvement store. You will also have the added benefit of taking the piece with you when you move. A built-in unit looks more natural and will probably not be identified as a faux fireplace until it is more closely scrutinized. Fake fireplaces come in a variety of shapes, such as square units, rectangular units or corner units. Some can also be hung directly on the wall.


    • Decorative faux fireplaces are made with a variety of materials. Wood and medium density fiberboard (MDF) are common materials for DIY faux fireplaces. After the wooden base is built, other materials can be added on top of the base, such as ceramic tile, glass tile, decorative plastic and molding. Another common option is to make the fireplace out of a cast that resembles marble. This technique gives the appearance of marble but does not use the expensive stone. Faux stone products are also available to achieve the look of a fireplace with masonry without the use of real stones. A wooden mantle is common for faux fireplaces.


    • Fake fireplaces are often capable of supplying just as much heat as a traditional fireplace. Electric or gas models are available that look like a fireplace but heat like a furnace. Other fireplaces come with a decorative gel that appears like it is a lit fireplace, but it does not emit any heat.

    Decorating Options

    • Faux fireplaces allow you more artistic freedom than traditional fireplaces. Paint the fireplace in the color of your choice, or create your own marbleized look by making streaks through paint after spraying the surface with water. Make your fireplace look distressed by painting it and then scraping portions of the paint off of the surface. Add accessories to the fireplace to make it look real. A large mirror is an ideal accessory for a decorative fireplace. Top the mantle with pictures and candlesticks.


    • Although you cannot burn natural logs in your faux fireplace, you can still add a decorative or functional aspect to the fireplace. Electric logs are available that will give off heat similar to natural logs but will need to be plugged in. A candle stand placed in the middle of your centerpiece provides an elegant decorative touch to your fireplace.

Cut that heating bill in more than half- these units definitely keep the home toatsy!   ALL FOR UNDER $500!

Now there's something to hang your Christmas stockings on!

And if it just doesn't fit in the home... A cute faux fireplace canvas print for the holidays. Nice idea for those without a fireplace or much space for Christmas decorations!


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