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By Joanne Bernardini | Agent in Linwood, NJ
  • When You Buy a House You Get The Neighborhood For Free!

    Posted Under: Quality of Life, Traffic & Public Transportation, Home Buying  |  January 3, 2012 8:06 AM  |  1,093 views  |  4 comments


    Most buyers plan and save to buy the perfect house. They check heaters, roofs, windows and appliances. However, beyond an investigation of the school system, very few take the time to check out the area beyond their property lines. This can be a huge mistake. 

    After the moving van leaves and the boxes are finally empty you must live there. There are several factors that can impact your quality of life and ultimate happiness in your new home. Every buyer should take some time to investigate before putting the bid on your dream home. What are some of the thing to investigate? Here are a few potential pitfalls. 

    •   Visit the neighborhood at different times of the week both in the day and evening and    listen!
    • Are there dogs that bark incessantly while their owners ignore them?
    •  Can you hear the constant noise of a nearby highway or busy street? 
    •  Engage some of your potential neighbors in conversation. Let them know you are      considering moving to the area so they don’t think you are “casing” the area as a burglar!  What do they like and dislike about living in this neighborhood?
    • Are there inconsiderate neighbors that habitually throw loud parties or mow their lawn    every Saturday morning at 7am? 
    • If there are neighbors with a pool whose property adjoins your property ask how they drain their pool or backwash their pool filters? If there is not a designated drainage system for this water, you will most likely get a periodic flood and soggy mess in your yard. 
    • Do the teens that live next door blast music or have a band that rehearses nightly?
    • Is the street you are considering a high traffic street complete with a lot of rumbling trucks and buses that pass?
    •  Is this a “cut through” street that motorists use to avoid rush hour traffic?
    •  Is this street a school bus route? (Besides the obvious convenience if you have children, this is a plus in the winter as those streets are the first plowed in a snow storm!)
    • If your neighborhood has a homeowners association are they reasonable or overly restrictive with the rules?
    •  If there are vacant tracks of land close to the neighborhood, find out how they are zoned. Don’t be surprised by the construction of a noisy commercial building that can wreck your sleep and your resale value. 

      Ultimately, only you can determine which if any of these situations are “deal breakers”. If you know the problems in advance, you can make an educated decision as to whether the home and the neighborhood that goes with it, are really right for your family.

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