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By Philip Winburn | Agent in Huntsville, AL

Valley MLS; Research Huntsville area homes

The link below is to the listings for the
homes you asked about from Valley MLS.
valley mls, valleymls, ValleyMLS, valleymls.com

Huntsville flood map

Let’s do a little preliminary research so we understand more about the homes before we view them. The volume of information can be a little overwhelming but I’ve found we can often save our client’s time buy researching candidate homes before visiting them.
100 ABERDEEN LANE is listed at $214,900 / $ 88 per square foot.  It has been on the market since 08/06/11 with no price reductions.  Please note that the L shaped floor plan with the garage adjacent to the front door is not appealing to a number of buyers. This could make an eventual re-sale more difficult.
I checked the flood maps and the house is almost 3,000 feet from the nearest flood zone.
The link below is to Google’s satellite image of the house. While it is in a cul-de-sac, has a large yard and a fence, it does back up to Balch Road. There is already significant traffic on Balch Road and when the new Madison Hospital is completed at the intersection of Balch and Highway 72, traffic will increase. There are also long term plans to extend Balch Road to I 565 and add an interchange. At that point the traffic will increase substantially.
The link below is tot he Google street view of the house where you can use the controls to do a fly through of the neighborhood.
The links below are to data and rakings of the schools that serve the home. With the completion of the new Patriot High School on County Line Road next year the high school districts will shift. The new districts have not been posted on the Madison City Schools website nor announced yet.
The link below is to a summary of Valley MLS activity in the neighborhood since 10/01/10. Because the homes are so dissimilar, we can’t determine the market value of the subject home from this limited data but we can get a sampling of what the neighborhood looks like. If we get to the point of making an offer we will research sales of similar homes outside the neighborhood  but in the same area.
Valley MLS, valleymls, valley mls, valleymls.com, The house was also listed for sale with  a different owner, MAI KIM LE from 06/27/10 to 07/11/11 when the listing was withdrawn and relisted with the current owner ERIC L BYRD, During that period the house was listed at $255,000.
From 09/12/06 to 02/05/07 the house was listed at $231,000 with ERIC L BYRD shown as the owner. The listing agent remained constant through the three listing periods above.
From 09/12/06 to 10/16/06 the house was listed for $230,000 with ERIC L BYRD shown as the owner.  The change in owners may be due to divorce.
128 MOUNTAIN VIEW LANE is listed at $249,000 / $94 per square foot. It has been on market since 08/24/11 with no price reductions. 
The link below is to the listing where the current owner bought the house 07/12/05 for $205,000 / $85 per square foot with that seller paying $2,953 of purchaser’s closing costs.
Assuming normal costs, purchaser’s break even point on a sale is in the $222,000 range.
There have been no sales in the neighborhood since 10/01/10 and we will need to search outside the neighborhood for comparable sales to estimate market value.  The link below is to a summary of MLS activity in the neighborhood since 10/01/10.
The house is not near any flood zone.
The link below is to the Google satellite image of the house. It is far enough from Hughes Road that traffic noise should be minimal.
The link below is to the Google street view.
The links below are to school data and rankings.
22 NANDINA LANE in Lake Forest is listed at $29,900 / $100 per square foot. It is bank owned and  has been on market since 05/20/11 with no price reductions. The house has been a rental.
Please note that the property is served by the Huntsville City school system which is having substantial financial problems. While the elementary and middle schools that serve the home are only fair now, there are signs that Williams  Elementary and Middle Schools are improving as the area grows. Columbia High School has consistently gotten low scores even though it is an newer school.
The link below is to a summary of MLS activity of similar sized homes in the neighborhood since 10/01/10. (There are much larger homes in the neighborhood.)  The average sold price was $94 per square foot with a range of $84 to $118 per square foot.
The house is about 2,000 feet from the nearest flood zone.
The link below is to the Google satellite image of the property location pre-construction. It does back up to a $150,000 – $190,000 neighborhood but should be little effected by that neighborhood. There is no Google street view of this location yet.

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