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By Tim Bray | Broker in Mystic, CT

We want to apologize to the Realtors in Mystic Country

Entering the realm of Real Estate in South Eastern CT seemed like a natural progression when I moved here from Washington D.C. to be with my wife and her family.  After all, growing up in a real estate family has made me passionate about the industry. As a child, I would listen to my father, Les, talk about real estate trends, valuation, spread sheets, and running a business in a moral and ethical way.  Real estate was in my blood.

I knew when I entered the profession that it was going to be very difficult to gain traction and be successful over the long term in this industry.  Statistics showed that 75% of all realtors leave the industry every 4 years. That was a huge failure rate and I did not want to be part of those statistics.

Early on, my father left his career as a very well known reputable Commercial and Residential Appraiser in Maine to join me in my quest for success.  Together, we felt as though we were unstoppable. After all, he had been involved in over a Billion dollars in real estate transactions and I had a degree in real estate & urban economics from the University of CT.   We had an edge over all the other agents in the region and we would use that edge to propel us into successful careers.

Looking back….it was scary.  Most agents grew up in this region and had a sphere of influence to turn to for work and referrals. We had no one. The only edge we had was our knowledge of the industry, unique backgrounds, and our ability to represent clients to the best of our ability.  We pushed our backgrounds to the news papers, bought radio ads, put up a website, and even placed signs on street corners. One of those signs we later learned was placed on the corner of another agent’s property.  She was not impressed and rightfully so. We were exploiting our own attributes but at the expense of our reputations amongst peers in the industry.  We were striving for a win-lose situation when negotiating with other agents. This was all in the name of giving our clients the best representation possible. Yes, we were gaining traction and quickly excelled to the top percentile in the industry, our clients loved us….but there was a cost.  We lost the respect from some very well known and seasoned agents who deserve all the respect in the world. These agents were in the top 25% and had spent many years in the industry perfecting their craft.  We want to sincerely apologize to these agents for our arrogance and disrespect.  

Our business models are now parallel to Dale Carnegie’s teachings from the early 1900’s. We believe in a win-win philosophy where both parties leave the table feeling good about the transaction. We are here to guide our client’s and give them enough information to make the very best decisions possible. We are not here to exploit the short comings of our fellow agents but to help them become better through our own example.  


By Les Bray,  Wed Apr 28 2010, 05:47
I agree. All we can do is our best, with our emphasis being on being good people to all. I think we stepped out of character for a while. I too am sorry. Your proud dad.

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