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By Greg Rulon and Stacey K. Kelly | Agent in Snowmass Village, CO
  • More "Affordable" Homes Leading the Way in Snowmass

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Snowmass Village, Home Buying in Snowmass Village, Home Selling in Snowmass Village  |  March 18, 2014 7:54 AM  |  393 views  |  No comments

    Since the first of the year, seven of the closed or pending 14 single family home sales in Snowmass Village have been in the "affordable" range under $1,750,000.

    Three of the sold homes were off of Fairway Drive, adjacent to Snowmass Club golf course.  We assisted the Sellers of 353 Fairway Drive which had spectacular views of Mt. Daly and sold for $1,406,000 or $535 per square foot.

    I think this trend reflects what we are seeing in the condomium market as well in Snowmass. The best "deals" are being recognized by buyers as opportunities and a chance to jump into the recovering Snowmass housing market.

    Great skiing conditions and sunny weather are making spring breakers happy. A busy upcoming summer season with dozens of new activities, old favorite events, and groups booked are turning the tide here in Snowmass.

    Don't let these real estate opportunities pass you by. Call or stop in to visit Stacey K. Kelly or Greg Rulon at their Snowmass Village office and let them share their market knowledge to find the right property for you!

  • Greg Rulon & Stacey K. Kelly~Christie's International Luxury Specialists

    Posted Under: Home Selling, Agent2Agent, In My Neighborhood  |  February 14, 2014 1:38 PM  |  337 views  |  No comments

    Greg Rulon and Stacey K. Kelly of Joshua & Co. were awarded the distinction of “Christie’s International Real Estate Luxury Specialist for 2014.” The Christie’s International Real Estate and Christie’s Education specialist designation was awarded recently at the Top Agents Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

    Luxury Agents-Christie's International Real Estate

    Greg and Stacey were identified as part of the 140 most successful real estate professionals in the Christie’s International Real Estate network, the world’s leading network of real estate brokerages and the real estate arm of Christie’s auction house. Criteria for participation in the conference included a requirement that each attendee be among the top 10% of sales for his or her Affiliate brokerage.

    “We were delighted that Greg Rulon and Stacey Kelly participated in our Top Agents Conference,” said Bonnie Stone Sellers, CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate. “Together with Christie’s International Real Estate and Joshua & Co. , Greg and Stacey are leaders in the luxury real estate market and are positioned to meet the needs of the world’s most discerning buyers and sellers of luxury real estate.  This specialist symposium offered insights into marketing to the upper-tiers of the luxury market, and allowed attendees to explore ways in which to increase their level of service to clients through their exclusive connection with Christie’s International Real Estate.”

    This two-day networking and educational event featured seminars led by top industry experts and senior executives of Christie’s and Christie’s International Real Estate. Topics included how to position a listing to attract buyers worldwide; negotiation strategies in the luxury end of the real estate market; how to take advantage of state-of-the-art global marketing techniques; and Christie’s perspectives on the art market and its connection to the luxury real estate sector.

    Conference guest speakers included Milton Pedraza, CEO of The Luxury Institute, a leading voice about high-net-worth consumers; Michael Kamins, consultant with the Gap Partnership, which delivers negotiation advice to more than 350 corporate clients; Paul Hewitt, Managing Director of Growth Markets for Christie’s in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and India; Julie Reiss, Associate Professor, Christie’s Education; Paul Provost, Deputy Chairman, Christie’s Americas; and Jonathan Stone, Chairman of Asian Art, Christie’s.

    “It is an honor to have Greg Rulon and Stacey K. Kelly designated as a Christie’s International Real Estate Luxury Specialist,” said Joshua Saslove, President of Joshua & Co. “This is a powerful tool that will not only help these agents distinguish their businesses within the marketplace, but will elevate their global standing in the luxury sector. I applaud their hard work and leadership and look forward to their implementation of new concepts and strategies garnered from the experience.”

  • Aspen/Snowmass: Committed to Sustainability

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Aspen, Home Selling in Aspen, Going Green in Aspen  |  November 26, 2013 12:29 PM  |  408 views  |  No comments

    The most recent storm to blow through Aspen and Snowmass Village dropped as much as ten inches of snow on the four mountains awaiting their grand opening on November 28th. If the snow this fall can be accepted as a predictor of the upcoming season, things are shaping up nicely. Likewise the musical acts chosen to accompany the snow, skiing and winter fun for the Bud Light Hi-Fi Concert Series are making interesting predictions of their own.

    The Concert Series will debut on November 30th; just days into the new season, with a band from Colorado called Elephant Revival. A quick glimpse at their website indicates that while Elephant Revival puts on an incredibly entertaining show, complete with the five band members playing multiple instruments, unexpected percussion instruments and dancing, there is more to this band than simply music-making. Committed to a sustainable world, Elephant Revival reflects their deeper sentiments in the lyrics of their songs, their choice of venues and participation in sustainable work and festivals throughout Colorado and the country.

    The choice of Elephant Revival reflects the diverse musical perspectives of Snowmass Village and Aspen by debuting the concert series with transcendental folk music, as well as the deeper commitment to creating a sustainable ski resort unlike any in the nation. A recent video clip on Aspen/Snowmass.com featured the work Aspen/Snowmass has done in creating a sustainable electrical source. By working with the local coal mine in the Rocky Mountains, Aspen/Snowmass is now powered by one of only two power plants in the country taking the waste product Methane, created during the mining process and converting to power for businesses and residents. According to the video, Methane has been shown to contribute ‘25 times more global warming impact than CO2.” While almost half of the energy in America comes from coal-powered plants, Aspen Snowmass is harnessing 24 million kilowatt hours per year, enough to power all four mountains with electricity without relying on coal powered electricity at all.

    Unlike so many recreational resorts in the world, residents and visitors to Aspen and Snowmass Village experience tangibly on the mountain the delicate balance between Man and Nature. This intuitive understanding enables Aspen/Snowmass to focus a huge effort on ensuring this balance is maintained far into the future. Because this commitment to the wellbeing of the planet is such a central focus of the resort, it goes beyond energy production and is apparent in the intense recycling efforts, the smart buildings and into the details of managing Aspen/Snowmass.

    Featuring artists with a similar commitment to the planet is just one more way Aspen/Snowmass illustrates its commitment to a better way of life. Throughout the winter season artists will come to Aspen/Snowmass Village with shows in January, February and several in March. Elephant Revival is an excellent predictor not just of the sound one may hear this season, but more importantly the message and its deeper meaning.

    Come out to hear the lyrics and experience what promises to be a musical experience you won’t soon forget! Click here to see homes, condos and investments just walking distance from Hi-Fi stage today!

  • New Lending Rules Pose a New Challenge to Buyers

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Aspen, Home Selling in Aspen, Credit Score in Aspen  |  September 9, 2013 10:30 AM  |  719 views  |  1 comment

    It appears the fallout from the housing collapse of 2008 is not over yet. Richard Satran wrote an article in U.S. News & World Report titled, “Tighter Mortgage Rules Will Soon Squeeze These Groups Even More.” on August 30th in which he details new rules emerging from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which will restrict lending for a new mortgage, or refinancing for those buyers whose overall borrowing rate would be more than 43% of their income.

    These new restrictions will include in their calculations factors like student loan debt, fees and points related to a home purchase and property taxes that had been exempt from the debt-to-income ratio previously. Strong credit scores will no longer overcome a higher debt-to-income ratio as in years past.

    In interviews conducted by Satran of mortgage lenders, real estate trade groups and research firms, first time homebuyers, those unemployed, under-employed or with spotty work history in the past five years, small business owners, buyers in high-end housing markets, retirees or those whose homes have lost a substantial amount of equity due to the crash will be most effected by these changes in rules. These experts predict the new lending rules will eliminate between 10 and 50% of borrowers.

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has addressed these concerns stating, “very marginally qualified’ borrowers or wealthier ones with private lending alternatives, and exclusions amount to less than 10 percent of those currently eligible.”

    Despite the response from the CFPB, brokers and agents maintain that these rules will negatively affect an already delicate real estate environment throughout the entire country. Citing continuing low loan originations, $500 billion in 2013 compared to $1.5 trillion pre-collapse and the fact that mortgages are still eight times harder to get post-collapse.

    Satran goes on to explain that while the housing market has shown some signs of recovery throughout the past year, this improvement is largely due to the fact that 50% of all home purchases are paid for in cash. And while some wealthy individuals are sweeping into the market with money they have held in reserve throughout the Great Recession, many of these cash purchases are actually foreclosure properties.

    While the CFPB, Congress and the Federal Reserve have all promised to regulate these new rules, housing experts agree that qualified borrowers will be rejected. Furthermore, these rules were created to address problems prevalent pre-Recession, many of which do not exist within the economy now. Americans have tightened their purse strings across the board and are more responsible than in many years about repaying debt, according to S&P/Experian.

    Qualified borrowers will be forced into expensive, stringent loans as interest rates on mortgages continue to rise. Satran fears a new crisis of default could emerge under these circumstances, quoting CoreLogic’s Khater who stated, “The pendulum has swung from way too crazy to too conservative now. That’s human nature. The rules are aimed at protecting consumers from hurting themselves.  Now there is a hard-and-fast rule used in place of traditional underwriting standards, ironically, the market will not be deciding (who is creditworthy). No one knows what the impact will be.”

    The clear lesson from this article and the actions of the CFPB is that while the market looks as though it is improving, we are not out of the woods yet. Buyers must rely on their agents and lenders to guide them through the latest complication to emerge from the housing bubble.

    To see if these rules affect you or your purchasing ability, get in touch with Greg Rulon and Stacey Kelly. Their combined experience and knowledge about the market within Aspen and Snowmass Village will be critical as you and your family negotiate these new lending rules.

  • A Market on the Road to a Beautiful Recovery!

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Snowmass Village, Home Selling in Snowmass Village, In My Neighborhood in Snowmass Village  |  June 24, 2013 9:07 AM  |  516 views  |  No comments

    The Aspen Times and Snowmass Sun have declared there’s no news but good news coming out of Snowmass Village.  The economy seems to be feeling the recovery in this mountain town with $6.8 million dollars in retail sales this year. This number represents as 23.4% increase year-over-year. The ski industry reported an 11% increase of its own. Although lodging, food, and utilities were up markedly up, general retail improved by 110%. Miscellaneous categories were up 341.6%!

                With all of this good news and retail activity in the Roaring Forks River Valley, it ought to be no surprise that the real estate market is looking better as well. In Aspen today the The Aspen Business Journal announced that three luxury homes will be auctioned off this summer. The first, 1621 Lower River Road, is a 56-acre property. Joshua and Co. is listing this home at $27.5 million dollars. It’s auction price will be somewhere between $10 and $20 million dollars. Meanwhile Ranch, as the property is called will be auctioned off this week.

                The second property, 170 Clay Lane, will be auctioned off on July 30th with an opening bid of $17.5 million. This home, 18,000 square feet, defines luxury down to the smallest detail. Also to be auctioned off on July 30th is a 15,000 square foot home on Buttermilk Road with an opening bid of $15 million dollars.

                Snowmass Village has million dollar properties of its own for sale. Greg Rulon currently has co-listed 1500 Wildcat Drive for over $31 million dollars. He has seven listings between two and four million dollars, another four listed at about one million dollars, and more homes and condominiums for less than a million. These properties under a million tend to be condominiums with a multitude of amenities for the perfect home-away-from home.

              Snowmass Club Villas 1517, is currently listed for $775,000. It is a spacious three bedoom, three bath well-decorated condominium with rich earth tones, accentuated with fixtures highlighting nature, with full use of the Snowmass Club amenities. One thirty one Seasons Four is listed at$443,000. This open unit has a modern feel with its Brazilian hardwood floors . This property is move-in ready and is just a short walk to the community spa and pool.

    604 Carriage Way, number 103, offers yet another lifestyle within Snowmass Village.  Less than $300,000, Laurelwood 103 is a  ski in/out complex with amenities such as daily housekeeping, on site, secure storage and a 24 person, two-tiered hot tub!

    Whether you are in the market for a multi-million dollar property, or something slightly less, Snowmass Village and Aspen is one of the best luxury markets in the country. Property in this area retains its value well and the lifestyle itself is second to none.

    Come, visit Snowmass Village and Aspen! While you are here take the time to tour a few homes, condos or properties in the area. Click here to see an extensive list of all of Greg Rulon’s properties. Not seeing what you like? Contact Greg and his team to give him a detailed description of the property you would like to see. Greg knows this area like few others; with him in your corner your dream home is just around the corner.

  • 115 Terrace Drive, The Perfect Vantage Point in Snowmass Village

    Snowmass Village real estate

    This week Aspen will begin to prepare for this summer’s USA Pro Challenge race with a design contest for the commemorative Aspen Poster. According to the Aspen Times artists can submit entries until May 5th, with the final winner being announced on May 20th.

    The winning poster will, “highlight Aspen’s dramatic natural beauty, incomparable cycling terrain and unique outdoor-adventure culture that together defy ordinary.”

    A perfect vantage point from which to witness this natural beauty, incredible cycling terrain and unique landscape is 115 Terrace Drive in Snowmass Village. This five-bedroom, four-bathroom home is adjacent to open space and walking trails through this very landscape. Sweeping views of the Continental Divide all of the way to the Snowmass Ski area beam down upon this home through large windows, and the oversized deck and flagstone patio.

    Drifting snow in the winter, wild flowers and potted plants in the summer surround this home and adorn the walkway down to the hot tub nestled into a private grove of trees. This carefully landscaped yard on almost half an acre of land has incorporated the natural beauty of Snowmass Village with strategically planted grass and flagstone, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and Nature.

    115 Terrace Drive in Snowmass Village

    While sketching out ideas for the Pro Cycle poster challenge, sit at the beautiful granite countertops in the newly updated kitchen. Snack on food prepared on top of the line appliances. Or await inspiration in the over-stuffed couches in the open living room with a roaring fire in the fireplace as you enjoy the natural beauty pouring in through the windows before you.

    Hardwood floors in the main living room and plush carpet in the bedrooms creates a warm and welcoming feeling throughout the home. Exposed beams throughout the home highlight the vaulted ceilings; wood trim accents the large windows and magnificent views. The natural light from the skylights in this home make it the perfect place to capture the beauty of the mountains.

    As an added bonus, this splendid home offers a mother-in-law quarters or caretakers suite, complete with its own updated kitchen and stainless steel appliances. While this suite is easily re-joined with the rest of the house, it also makes hosting families and visitors in town to watch the USA Pro Challenge race, or any of the other numerous events Aspen and Snowmass Village host, as easy as pie. With close to 3,000 square feet, visitors and residences will enjoy lots of common space in which to enjoy each other, but enough private space as well to ensure people have time to unwind and sufficient privacy.

    A detached two-car garage is the perfect place to park you cars to keep them out of the winter cold and cool in the summer. Likewise, this large garage has additional storage for skis, snowboards, and bicycles and cycling gear.

    Regardless if you are an artist seeking to compete in the poster contest, a skier or cyclist anxious to enjoy the incredible outdoor terrain, 115 Terrace Drive is the perfect place to call home. Click here to schedule a viewing or to see more homes in the Aspen and Snowmass Village area today!

  • A Masterpiece in the Mountains: 266 Sinclair Road, Snowmass, CO

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Snowmass Village, Home Selling in Snowmass Village, In My Neighborhood in Snowmass Village  |  March 27, 2013 12:31 PM  |  163 views  |  No comments

    266 Sinclair Snowmass CO

    Just a few times a year Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village throws open all of its doors to the public to display and sell the work their residents have been working on over the past 10 weeks. One of these rare events will take place on April 9th from 5p.m. to 7p.m. Especially significant will be the exhibit Beautiful X by Sean Healy in collaboration with the Aspen Writer’s Foundation that will go on display at the same time.

    These Open Houses are accompanied not only by beautiful art, but an entire evening of community events. From a children’s craft activity, this time focusing on Spring, paint and paste to open studios, exhibitions and a full dinner served in the Ranch Café. These much anticipated events are more than simply an opportunity to support local artists; they are also the perfect opportunity to shop for art for your new home in Snowmass Village or Aspen, CO.

    Greg Rulon is currently listing a number of beautiful homes in the Snowmass Village area for which the art of Anderson Ranch would be the perfect home. Of particular interest in light of the art market in the Pitkin County area is 266 Sinclair Road Snowmass CO.

    This four-bedroom, 3,566 square-foot home, set upon a half acre of wooded land, has Mother Nature’s art on display in the many beautiful windows and through the French doors of the home, as well as from the wraparound, walkout deck and hot tub. While nothing could compete with the view of Owl Creek and the surrounding woods, this home’s sense of majesty calls for art to match the architecture and design of the home.

    Snowmass CO Real Estate

    Deep walnut wood-trim throughout the home frame the windows and cabinets of this home, contrasting with the beautiful wood floors of the home and light marble flooring of the kitchen. Completely remodeled in 2009, this home offers a contemporary kitchen with 2 ovens, granite counter tops, a beautiful backsplash and a glass cooktop. Off-setting the walnut cabinets, a lightly painted white island in the kitchen is home to the kitchen sink and a casual seating area. Of the four and one half bathrooms this opulent home boasts, the Master bath boasts of both his and her sinks, a steam room and a garden tub.

    A large living area downstairs with a spacious laundry room invites families or guests to come, spread out and get comfortable. This living area opens out into the large, well-landscaped backyard. The study, or fifth bedroom functions nicely as an exercise room, home-office or guest bedroom.  Beautiful attention to detail and carefully chosen colors throughout the home, welcome residents of any age to call this lovely house home.

    The great room and formal dining room offer ample real estate to display a carefully selected works of art from the many talented and world-renowned artists whose work is on display this spring at the Anderson Ranch Center for the Arts.

    Click here to learn more about the rich, cultural community Aspen and Snowmass Village offer, as well as the homes, residents and visitors who benefit from the art, energy and creativity of these people. While you’re at it, take a look at homes, condos and residences from which you and your family could display your latest masterpiece.

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