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By Greg | Agent in 94043

Carpet, carpet, refrigerator, and carpet

The list never seems to end.  Its renovation time for a 30+ year old condo, and I have the privilege and honor of living in the glorious environment of a "work-in-progress".  Did I forget to mention wallpaper?  Or tile work?  Or that the list never seems to end?? :)

Well, 3 years into the project, and I have slowed down on the pace of change.  I like my carpet now.  All three phases of it, since I had to move furniture into one room while another was being worked on, and my loft-style home basically required that it take three phases to complete.  I also really like that my appliances are much more efficient than the ones that came with the unit.  I can feel comfortable that when I go to work during the day my refrigerator is not drawing 3x the power it needs since the weatherstripping is fully intact where the old one was... Well lets just say the old one didn't really seem to have any weatherstripping I could find.  I can run a load of laundry and not fear that the washer might break a pipe and stream water and I have lighting that actually brightens the whole front room.  It made a house much more of a home.  Or better yet, it made a "work-in-progress" into a pleasant place to live.

I'd recommend that people considering a renovation should give it a try.  Yes, there are some things that I would have done different now that most of the work is done.  And yet, there is a certain good feeling I get when I see that lightswitch I installed, or the baseboard that needed some extra work to put in place.  The journey was as important as the destination, and it led to owners pride in the end. 


By Emily Erekuff,  Fri Sep 19 2008, 11:16
Greg, can we expect to see any before and after pictures in your next post?
By David & Samuel Rifkin,  Thu Jan 31 2013, 08:59
Thank you very much for this great information.

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