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By Gordon Baker | Agent in Gilbert, AZ
  • What does a Phoenix private pool cost?

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    The on-going monthly cost of an Arizona private poolbackyard-pool-and-lake-in-pinelakes

    When a client asks what is the on-going operating cost of a private pool, I struggle to offer a precise answer. The upfront cost to install a private pool can be determined after a 30 minute consultation with one of the many pool builders in the Phoenix area. But what are the daily operating costs that a homeowner can expect? For luxury homes, a well appointed private pool can be a standard expectation. A family with children may look to a private backyard pool as a essential activity for the children during the 100+ degree summer days common to Phoenix. So what is the day to day cost of this hydrated desert amenity?

    Breaking down the daily operating costs of a private pool in Arizona

    I have always been curious about what portion of my monthly SRP electricity bill is due to the pool pump that recirculates and filters the swimming pool water and runs the water feature. I’ve read that a pool pump can be the 2nd highest usage of electricity for a typical home with a pool next to the air conditioner. Instead of asking somebody at the pool store and getting an anecdotal response, I looked for a more analytical answer.

    The first step is to calculate the Watts used consumed. This is done by multiplying the volts x amps. To the left is the label from my pool pump. For a 230 volt motor, multiply this by 7.8 amps. The result is 1,794 Watts, or 1.8 KWh. The next step is to calculate the KWh/day by multiplying this by the hours per day the pump runs. During the summer, it is recommended the pump run 6 – 8 hours/day, and less during the winter. For my calculations, I’ll use 8 hours. 1.8 Kwh x 8 hours = 14.4 KWh/day or 432 KWh/month. The SRP standard summer rate is $0.0806/KWh, so the cost/month is 432 KWh x $0.0806/KWh = $35/month, or a little more than $1/day. The winter rate is lower so this calculation is on the high side.Santan house with pool

    Pool chemical cost can vary depending on the system used to keep the chemicals in balance. Newer technology uses salt water systems to assist in chlorinating the pool. A rough estimate for chlorine, acid and misc. chemicals such as diatomacheous earth for the filter would be approximately $300/year or $25/month.

    Evaporation of pool water

    The Phoenix area has over 350,000 private pools. According to the Water Resources Deparment, an uncovered pool loses 4 – 6 feet of water per year. This coincides with other estimates that a pool loses its entire volume once a year due to evaporation. If a pool holds 12,000 gallons and the residential water rate is $1.15/1,000 gallons, the yearly cost for water due to evaporation is barely $14 /year. This much lower than I would have expected and unfortunately such a low cost does not encourage water conservation which could be achieved through the use of a pool cover.

    Major pool expenses

    An important consideration is the type of lining, the cost and how often it will need to be replaced. When we installed our pool, we went with a basic plaster pool. After 9 – 10 years it had to be replaced. The replacement cost to have the pool relined varies depending on the lining; plaster with quartz, or pebble tec. Pebble tec pool liners are more robust and can out last less expensive linings. A basic lining would be around $5,000 – $6,000 which would equate to $600/year or $50/month over a 10 year functional life expectancy. And as with any replacement parts, watch out when your pool vacuum needs bearing or other replacement parts, you’re looking at a miniumum of $150.

    My estimate of the on-going cost of a Phoenix area pool would be $35 for the pool pump, $25/month for chemicals and $60/month for major expenses, so plan to budget roughly $120/month for the maintenance of your swimming pool. This estimate is based largely on my own pool which is from the mid 1990′s era and probably on the high side, so please do your own analysis based on the expense types I’ve outlined above. Your comments are welcome based on your experience!

    Still interested in a home with a pool? Click on e-mail me homes with a private pool.

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  • Ocotillo Luxury Waterfront Homes in Chandler

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    Chandler Luxury Waterfront Homes in Ocotillo Gated Communities

    If you’re looking for single story luxury homes in a gated lake subdivision, then Balboa Point, Catalina Shores, or Laguna Cove may be the right place to start. These TW Lewis homes are situated on lots that range in size from 9,000 to 10,000 sq.ft. for a standard lot. Balboa Point and Catalina Shores are almost exclusively single story homes while Laguna Shores is over 60% single story homes.  A private pool is almost a sure thing for prospective buyers since 70% – 85% of the homes have a pool depending on the subdivision.  If your timing is right you may even be able to find a basement home in Catalina Shores.

    Ocotillo Waterfront Homes

    For those looking for waterfront homes, Balboa point has 16 homes on waterfront lots with north facing back yards. Catalina shores offers 13 waterfront homes with mostly west facing back yards, while Laguna Cove has 19 waterfront lots with backyards that face the east.  Homes in these three TW Lewis subdivisions were built between 2002 and 2003.

    Homes for Sale in Balboa Point, Catalina Shores or Laguna Cove

    Satellite View of Balboa Point, Catalina Shores and Laguna Cove

    The schools for these neighborhoods are part of the Chandler Unified School District. Basha Elementary, Bogle Jr. High and Hamilton High School are the corresponding schools.

    Balboa Point, Catalina Shores and Laguna Cove are part of the Ocotillo Homeowners Association that includes 167 acres of lakes and over 17 miles of shoreline and one of the most desireable master planned communities in Phoenix.  The strategic location makes it convenient to downtown Chandler, Chandler Fashion Center, the Hamilton Aquatic Center,Ocotillo Golf Resort and extremely close to high tech employers such as Intel.

    To keep informed of new properties that come on the market, click on receive new listings.  If you are interested in selling, find out what’s your home worth.  If your house is worth less than the combined loan balances but need to sell and would like to know your alternatives, schedule a free consultation to learn more about short sales.

    This post was originally published in the valley's best website and blog about waterfront property.

  • Tempe Waterfront Townhouses at Harbour Village at The Lakes in Tempe

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    Waterfront Townhouses in The Lakes in Tempe

    One of the many residential housing options offered in The Lakes  master planned lake community isHarbour Village, with spanish architecture and lush green landscaping. Not a large complex, Harbour Village consists of  40 units, 12 of which have waterfront views of the lake.   These waterfront townhouses have found favor with prospective buyers since they typically sell within 2 months of being offered for sale, and are strategically located to take advantage of the widest part of the the lake.

    Lake Community Townhouses in Tempe at The Lakes

    Harbour Village townhouses feature  2 and 3 bedroom floor plans that range in size from 1, 206 to 2,054 sq.ft. Built between 1985 and 1988, the mature lush green landscaping and spanish architecture provides a unique setting for a lake community.

    Harbour Village Townhouses for Sale

    Satellite View of Harbour Village

    Homeowners in Habour Village do pay for two HOA’s.  One for Harbour Village itself and the other for being part of The Lakes which offers residents the benefit of the clubhouse and community pool. 

    The Lakes in Tempe is also conveniently located close to the Ken McDonald Golf Course less than 2 miles away.  For evening enjoyment and dining, a visit to Mill Avenue near ASU will provide an invigorating experience.

    For more information including receiving  the most updated townhouses, click on Harbour Village property for sale.

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    The Lakes in Tempe Waterfront Community

    Tempe has a variety of waterfront options

    For information on The Lakes in Tempe and all Phoenix waterfront property, feel free to call me directly at 480-326-8571.

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