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Global Discount Travel

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Virgin Galactic intends to send tourists to space (and bring them back) for the initial seat price for $200,000 but the prices is believed to decrease to USD 20,000 eventually. So far around 200 tourists have booked their holiday into space. Next time your friens tell you they go on holiday to the Dead Sea, take it with a pinch of salt and keep an eye on their Facebook photos.

It’s not just a tomato throwing activity although it is its highlight but it’s also a fun activity with parades and dancing with great music and fireworks too! Before the tomato fight, there is a contest for paella cooking.

Bunol has a population of around 9,000 but during the La Tomatina Festival, the number of people in this town balloons to over 30,000 people. Of course with the sudden increase of people coming here, the hotels and inns could not accommodate the visitors which are why many would come and stay at Valencia which is just a bus ride away from Bunol.

Global Discount Travel The restaurants in Florence base their meals on meat because the local cuisine is of peasant traditions. Try the antipasti crostini toscani, a ribollita soup and a bistecca alla fiorentina all served with olive oil which is produced in Tuscany.

Places to see in Florence:
Santa maria del Fiore Cathedral - the fourth biggest cathedral in Europe.
Casa di Dante - the house where Dante grew up and which was rebuilt in 1910 and became a museum to Dante.
Palazzo Piti is a Renaissance palace on the south bank of Arno river. The palace has a huge collection of paintings, jewelry and precious objects. In the 18th century the building was used as a power base by Napoleon and after that it was the royal palace of the united Italy.

Twitter is now being adopted by practically everyone especially well known personalities in certain industries and travel is not exempted. Visit three or four websites owned by travel industry personalities and be sure that one of them is already “Twittering”. You can follow their updates from your own Twitter account. From their tips you can get real time updates on travel deals, news about the travel industry or simply their reaction on certain travel news. The best part of Twitter is that you can also react to their posts and the author of the posts should be able to see them in real time as well.

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Don’t forget to take pictures or home videos while you enjoy being in the company of the kind dolphins and friendly whales. If you don’t want to swim with the whales and you just want to see them, you can just stay in the boat and watch them go near the boat to greet you. Yes, these whales and dolphins don’t fear humans as they are well protected in Whakatane. You could even touch them or feed them as long as you are well supervised by experienced crewmembers.

The same thing should happen when you book your holiday or flight: you should be able to compare and select the most convenient packages. Travelgrove is a meta search engine which offers you the benefits of a travel online supermarket: search for your hotel according to location, amenities, name or price before booking. Once you are happy with all these aspects you can book your room. For a cruise vacation all you have to do is select the cruise line, the length of your cruise, a destination of your choice and the month and a couple of seconds later you can book the cruise of your dreams.

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