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By Gerard J. Carney | Agent in Spring Hill, FL
  • Make a Yard Sale into an Open House

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in New York, Home Selling in New York, In My Neighborhood in New York  |  May 10, 2011 12:28 PM  |  680 views  |  No comments
    Open house, what an awesome idea, but how do you make it even better?
    It is simple, get with other neighbors on the street and talk about a Yard Sale day.
    Plan a weekend where several of you neighbors will agree to have a yard sale, have one yourself and get some of the stuff you don't want to go, but most of all have your open house at the same time.   Your signs should read: Street Yard Sale & Open House.
    It is a greatway to announce you have your house for sale. It will get lots of traffic, and you may even make a few bucks for the day as well.

    • Try and be sure that your neighbors have a multitude of items for sale, Baby Stuff, Toys, Furniture, Tools, Fishing and Hunting items and more.
    • Go to www.vistaprint.com and have a cheap set of business cards made up include details of the home, address and contact numbers and also Asking Price, usually 250 card will run you about $10 including shipping. Ask each of you neighbors to throw a card into the bag with each sale.
    • Ask you neighbors to tell everyone at their yard sale that you have an open house going on the same day and just go on over and ask for a walk through.
    • Have your Realtor there for the day to help answer all questions and to possible help with writing an offer for interested parties
    • Most of all, have fun and enjoy the day! 
    • Good Luck!
  • Participate in you Local Government or others will do it for you!

    Posted Under: General Area in Inverness, In My Neighborhood in Inverness  |  February 10, 2011 8:54 AM  |  918 views  |  No comments
    I will not say whether I feel Sen. Charlie Dean is or is not guilty of anything, but for sure he has used being involved in local government to his advantage, and he did it as many of you just slept behind the wheel of you car and never noticed!  The scene here is two years ago and Sen Dean built a barn on agricultural property he owned, he did so without permits, it was a farm building and appearantly zoning had no say nor were permits needed, The however it was later found out had 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a kitchen and living room as part of its structure.   The following was the decission and not the final action by the county on Sen Dean, For final deccission on this property you need to go to the county and find out yourself.   But If you have been nailed for a fense or shed without permit you might want to find out how or what the penalty was for a complete residency!  The Link Below is the one of the Deccissions made.

  • Become aware as to how much you can do to protect your Home

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Inverness, In My Neighborhood in Inverness, Property Q&A in Inverness  |  December 8, 2010 9:12 AM  |  1,136 views  |  1 comment

    It seems that we have learned nothing about how this country works and runs!  I hear people all the time say that these politicians are ruining everything!  You are right, but do ou know why you are right?
    You voted these people into office, set upon them your concerns and then left them alone! Politicians are like young Children! Leave them without supervision and even the best behaved will fall to temptation. Put to that the fact that the Ice Cream truck, Lobbyists,  goes down the block every 5 or 10 minutes tempting your children to find you cash stash and open the door to go run out and spend your money!   Yes you told them no Ice Cream, and for a while they listened, but you left them alone too long, you left them to their own idea of restraint, and since nobody is looking, and the punishment very far away, why not!  Now buying from the Ice Cream truck when you are there is usually on normal sized ice cream and evryone is happy, but a child will eat their weight in ice cream if left alone.  Yes watching the cost of the ice cream has gone out the door, now instead of one cone, we are having a sundae, with nuts, fudge, whipped cream, oh heck make it extra large, what can this 1o dollar bill buy?

    Simply put, thegovernment has to always be in check, but who does this?  Do you write and ask, so what have you done for me, I voted for you and you said you would do the right thing!  Do you go to local meetings, these are the ones that actually run your neighborhood, they set proerty tax rates, they make zoning laws, they decide how you area will grow, how it will be developed and they decide how they will spend the tax income from your property taxes, they will also be the ones that decide if more is spent and if more taxes be levied!  You need to go to these meeetings, voice you concerns and keep these people in check, otherwise sit at home and do not complain about what they do! 
  • Do you have a small business in Central Florida

    Posted Under: General Area in Inverness, Shopping & Local Amenities in Inverness, In My Neighborhood in Inverness  |  December 7, 2010 1:47 PM  |  776 views  |  1 comment

    Hi everyone!
    I am curious as to how many small business owners we have out there and I would love to see how you have faired through this try economic time.   I would love to know how long you have been in business, I would like to know how much business you have lost through the last 4 years, nd would love to hear what you have done to stay above water! Please Email me at  A1FloridaRealtor@aol.com   or you can call me at 727-457-4015.  I would love to hear from you all!
  • Working with a Realtor

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Spring Hill, In My Neighborhood in Spring Hill, Property Q&A in Spring Hill  |  December 7, 2010 10:33 AM  |  860 views  |  No comments

    You are looking at the possibility of selling your home!  You are now deciding what is the best way to sell your home!  There are quite a few options out there. There is the idea that you can sell your own home yourself and for some this works fine. There are some that say I need help but maybe I just need buyer side help o they look at Discount Brokerage firms. Then there is  large group of you that want all this done by a professional from step one to the completion!

    I can not say to you, don't try to sell your home yourself, it really does work for some people and they love the idea of the new challenge it presents to them. I do ask that even if you do ry to ell on your ow to at least talk to a Realtor to see what will be expected of you. You may want to pay a Realtor to do certain parts of your sale, you may want to associate yourself with a Real Estate Attorney, both are good Ideas. Have some advice on how the process of selling a home goes, and what is expected as far as he state and county are concerned about executing and filing Home sales.

    For those of you that go to a discount Brokerage, well the old saying is, you get what you pay for, so if you pay less then you get that less of the Real Estate Service. Besides many of these agencies will tell you that here is the least you need to pay, but for better service and returns you need to spend more! So what yuou thought you were saving may very well end up being spent when all is said and done.

    My concern is when you go o a Real Estate Agency for full Service! You will want one that is a member of the Association of Reealtors, this way your listing will get a number of features that are offered from the association.  Make sure that you interview Realtors and Agencies, each have a different approach to selling homes. Remember that a Realtor will become of your life for the short time your home is on the market. This being said, you want a Realtor that you find not only successful but also pleasing to you! You need to ask how they market, what make them stand out amoung the rest. Yes for the most part we all market homes about the same, but some will stand out, you will feel very confident with them. This is important, because it will help in the sales process. Make sure that the have ggod command and internet exposure. Today's Real Estate Search starts most times on the internet, so it is important hat you have avery internet smart Agent.  It helps if you find an agent that goes out of their way o advertise on just the automatic internet entries such as Realtor.com  but lso place entries on places like Trulia.com and Zillow.com, you will find plenty of others. If you are selling a small ranch or farm, you may want more xposure on internet sites that cater to thse interests, same for waterfront properties, and large acrage homes.   Make sure your Realtor Dresses well, first impressions of not only you, but of potential buyers. Make sure that they have a good personality, that they are helpful nd offer advice when asked. Make sure that they interact well, and have good communication skills. If you have a hard time understanding them, what do you thing potential buyers will think!  Get a Realtor that listens and doesn't interupt you while you are making you points on the home. A good Realtor listens, then digests the information, then asks questions back to clarify what was just stated.  A Realtor should never jump in before you are finished and start spouting what they think you want or are going to say. I they do it to you for the listing, they will surely do the same for a potential buyer. This means that a buyer may only get out half of what hey are looking for and then the Realtor starts filling in the rest with what they believe they have heard you say!   A good Realtor will alway you fo finish every thought you bring up and only ask questions or make comments after they are sure you have finished expressing your Ideas!  Then they will ask you questions to verify that they heard what you said, then add suggestions or advise if there needs to be any!  We offer great advice, we also know home values, so please understand that you say you want to get this, but the Realtor tells you that at the moment his is more of a reality. 

    No matter what you do, please be sure you do ome research of your own, an educated seller is a good thing. Unreal expectations in a market as soft as ours is not wise!  Have any questions at all always feel free o call me or email me! Thank You for your time and I wish you well on your next Real Estate Transaction! ~   Gerard Carney   
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