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Goldilocks, The Three Bears, and Mortgage Programs. What's the Connection?

Gene Mundt Chicago Bancorp Goldilocks and 3 Bears and Mortgage Program Blog

 Pretty much everyone knows the children's story about "Goldilock and the Three Bears".  It's become almost mandatory reading for any child and their family and it's been made repeatedly into children's movies too.  You most likely know the storyline.

But just in case, the tale goes that a little girl named Goldilocks enters the home of "The Three Bears" and wanders around testing things out in their house.  Precocious little thing, this Goldilocks.

  Goldilocks is a picky little thing.  Something she tries is always too this or too that.  Too big ... too small ... too cold ... too warm ... and then finally the third option is always "just right".

   Now being the opportunistic parents that we were, Marilyn and I used to tell this story to our sons when they were real little.  For the Mundt children, there always was a lesson to be learned from the story of good ol' Goldilocks, to be sure.

      As the kids got older, we obviously dropped reading the story of Goldilocks to them ... but we did not abandon what we saw as one of the morals of the story.  Okay ... again I'll admit to being a little opportunistic on this score, perhaps stretching the use of storytelling a bit.  But as parents we tried to use every means and chance we could to drive home what we saw as valuable lessons. 

Thank you Goldilocks!

Higher education was always stressed as an important goal for our kids.  We simply told them they had a job to do well each day just as certainly as their parents did.  Their job was to go to school, to learn, and reap good grades.  We told them if they did this, when the time came to choose a college or career, they then would have options at their disposal. 

  They would be in charge of their final school choice because they would have multiple schools from which to choose.  Simply put, they'd be just like Goldilocks ... only they'd be investigating and scouting schools of their choice out until they found the one that was "just right".


But what does all of this have to do with mortgage programs??
  It's really pretty simple. 

As a consumer, you want to have options available to you too.  That's true no matter what you are "shopping" for.  Whether it's food, clothes, cars, or mortgages ...  it's the same.  Having options frees you to make comparisons, assists you in finding the best product for your needs, saves you substantial money. 

And to make sure you have multiple options available to you as a home buyerGene Mundt Goldilocks and 3 Bears Mortgage Program Blog, you must make wise preparation.  You accomplish this by establishing good credit in advance. Paying bills/rent/house payments on time.  Limiting the credit, and number of credit cards, you apply for.  Establishing a savings account.  Making wise financial decisions.

YOU, just like Goldilocks, then have choices ... options at your disposal.  YOU have earned the right of having multiple options from which to choose when it comes time to mortgage your home purchase or when refinancing.  YOU have earned control over your financial destiny through thoughtful financial preparation.  YOU choose.

YOU then have earned the right to say ... "my FICO scores are high. I have money down.  My finances are in good order".

    "THIS excellent mortgage program and interest rate is "just right" for me". 

*  To find out what options you have earned and are available to you when buying or refinancing a home in the Chicagoland area, please CONTACT ME at:  http://www.genemundt.com/Contact-Me.html


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