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Gary White's Blog

By Gary L White | Broker in Grand Rapids, MI

When is the right time to sell?

Sellers struggle with when to sell all the time.

The when is easier than you might think
.  You have several issues that govern this decision.

  1. Do you have to sell or lose your home to foreclosure?
  2. Are you relocating?
  3. Is your home to small or to big for your needs?
  4. Is the cost of maintaining your current home more than you want to spend?
  5. Illness, Retirement, Injury, Layoff

If you noticed the housing market was not a deciding factor in the list.  #1 on the list covers your decision for you when considering market conditions.

You goal as a seller and my goal as a professional real estate agent is to sell your home for the most money possible.  Remember homes are only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it.

That may sound like a cliche' but it relates to any product, goods or services and homes are no exception.

If a buyer will not pay your asking price you are not going to sell
.  If you look at a car and the price is to high...you go to another lot or find a different brand of vehicle.  Buyers have the same option, they can find another home, go to a different neighborhood or find a home priced lower with similar options.

So when is the right time to sell?  When you need to make your life better and more comfortable.  When you budget is stressed and you can no-longer afford your lifestyle. (if it is caused by your house payment)

Selling is marketing your home to it's best advantage.  When to sell is an individual decision based on your personal needs!


By .,  Tue Oct 19 2010, 05:57
Nicely said Gary. I love the number 4 while huge majority of today homeowners, including my self, fit into this category... It is frustrating to see when some sellers who did work with me in the past, but could not accept the reality at the time, still trying to sell their homes but for a lot less than I suggested or did loose it already to foreclosure...

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