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By Gary Johnson | Agent in Oxnard, CA

Remodeling a Mandalay Bay Townhome

My wife and I recently purchased a townhome in Mandalay Bay which is located in Oxnard California.  While there are lots of beach areas along the California Coastline, not every area is suitable for a harbor.  Oxnard is one of the closest harbor areas near Los Angeles.  It's a little undiscovered piece of paradise.  Surrounded by farming, yet closed to shopping and other amenities.  The homes in Mandalay Bay are located on the marina and have their own boat docks.

The townhomes in this area were built in the 70's.  The one we purchased had been owned by a hoarder, and had no renovations.  The front yard had overgrown folage.  We were out of town when the home came up for sale, but agreed to purchase the home after seeing only pictures.  While we knew that the whole home would need to be gutted, finally seeing the house was a little scary.  The drapes were falling apart, the stove was rusted through, the sliding glass door would hardly open or shut.  There was evidence of leakage from the upstairs bathroom in the kitchen below.  Stains on the carpet and lightswitches covered with years of usage, and little cleaning were enough to make most people walk out feeling like they needed to wash their hands.

What we saw was that the home has a nice location away from the roads.  The deck of the home on the waterside is towards the West, which means that the deck has sunlight during the Winter months.  The house had a nice open floor plan, and lots of windows.  It had a large master bedroom.  When doing a large renovation, the first thing you have to see is the basic framework, "the bones of the house."  Major wall changes, major plumbing changes, will cost in money, headaches and time.  Learn to look past the dirt to see a gem in the rough. 

The advantage of a renovation is being able to make some changes to layout and function, and being able to choose colors and materials.  The disadvantage to a renovation is that it can be difficult to stay in budget.  One change we made was to enclose the balcony area and make the master bedroom larger.  Another change was taking out the old wooden railing and puting in the glass (if you look carefully you can see the reflection of the old railing in the BEFORE picture).

AFTER renovations

BEFORE renovations.


By Kenny Nang,  Sun Aug 26 2012, 10:26
Looks very nice and bright! Excellent work! I am checking out houses in that area and do you have any recommendations which are more preferred town homes like near main channel or corner units? How much did it cost you on your project ? Is this a DIY project?

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