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By Gary Blake | Broker in Greenwood, IN

Staging your home to sell!

You want your home to sell quickly, and you want top dollar.  Many sellers are resistant to the idea of spending time and money preparing their home to sell, but if you want the best results, you need to cater to the buyers fantasy of their dream home.  Every time they find an objection, it is one more barrier between them and your desired outcome- a solid offer. 

Certainly you are not expected to rebuild the house, but use this Top Ten List for staging your home:
  1. Remove all unneeded furniture - store it off site. Cluttered rooms make it appear smaller.
  2. Remove most of your personal photographs. Don't distract the buyer from their reason for being here.
  3. Remove all those things from your closets you don't use or can't wear- make the closets look larger!
  4. All that stuff on the kitchen counter- it needs to be neatly stored. All those cute things on the fridge? File them.
  5. Take half of those books off the shelves.  Yes, they are called bookshelves, but think ambiance not function!
  6. The bathroom counters need to be EMPTY.  No lotions, curlers, sprays- store it all below.
  7. Speaking of below, clear out all 714 of those things you don't remember you have and clean the cabinet!
  8. Paint.  Yea, not you need to work.  The buyer wants a fairly clean slate.  The more style you express, the fewer people will like it.
  9. Update light fixtures and faucets, be sure all bulbs work.  I can refer a handy-man to complete these tasks if you're not wrench-savvy.
  10. Friends are great, but maybe it's time for a professional opinion- I am full of it... opinions, that is, and would be proud to visit your home and give suggestions.


By David & Samuel Rifkin,  Wed Apr 10 2013, 09:07
Thank you for this great information.

Samuel Rifkin
The Rifkin Team

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