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For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Vs. Real Estate Agent REALTOR

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Vs. Real Estate Agent REALTOR

So you've been contemplating selling your house, but you really REALLY don't want to pay the commission fee to a real estate agent or brokerage for the process of the sale. Why should you? You know how to put a sign in your yard and show the interior to any interested parties, right?

Ah, but there is that one thing about contracts. Where are you going to get the required real estate sale contracts? And, are there any other contracts that need to be filled out? What about disclosures? Oh yes, there are disclosures that MUST be made to any buyer buying your home. And no, an "As Is" clause does not work.

But once you get past all the signs in the yard, open houses, online and other advertising, scheduling showings, collecting all the contracts needed to process and disclosing all the law-mandated disclosures to your buyers, you should be good, right?

Hmmm, did you really screen the buyer to ensure they're willing AND able buyers? What if they are stringing you and many other sellers along to see what they can get by playing the field? What if they really love the house for sale down the street, but are just using you, and your home, as their "back-up plan"? Or worse, what if they are in love with your house, will stick through the sale through thick and thin, but low and behold, you find out at the end that they had NO MONEY!!!

Then there's that little annoying thing called litigation. What happens if the sale goes wrong and the buyer sues you! What happens if the sale goes right, but they STILL sue you!!! What happens if you've broken a huge RESPA law and didn't even know it? Forget winning and losing and what that will cost you. What about the lawyers fees?!


Good real estate agents, Realtors and Brokers get paid the commissions you're trying to avoid because we know how to market your property right. We know what contracts are required in the sale. We know what disclosures are required by law. We also know how to conduct open houses to ensure the safety of your residence, belongings and family. We know the red flags of predators looking to take advantage of the situation.

We also know how to screen buyers to ensure they are interested in your house, not just any house for sale. And we definitely know how to ensure that buyers are able to purchase and have the resources to do so.

As real estate agents, Realtors and brokers, we also follow a code of ethics to minimize any litigation. We carry insurance to safeguard ourselves and our transactions from frivolous law suits, and do everything in our power to protect our clients throughout the entire transaction.

The above is not all we do to earn your commission fee, but its a start. Call us if you have any questions at 1 (888) 9-LIST-IT.


By Spirit Messingham,  Wed Sep 19 2012, 11:25
I wouldnt go to court without an attorney, I would not get an operation without a surgeon, and i would not try to buy or sell a piece of Real Estate without a Realtor!

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