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Price does not indicate value but less is more.

Many are caught up placing too much value on the  price  of a home to be purchased rather  than it's  value and  purpose.
It is not what you pay for a home that needs your immediate attention but what it cost you to keep it from month to month.
Affordability is not described by price alone. The true value of a home is the security it provides for you and your family and  the enjoyment it brings to each and everyone in it.
What price you paid and what it will be worth  is little consequence to anyone but you. . The real value is realized  when you come home and you call it yours. Prices may depreciate  appreciate or fluctuate yet when less is more why gamble with the unknown. Living beyond your means has no value and jepordizes your security. By not overspending today you will  reap the profits tomorrow.
Get  the " keeping up with the Jones'"  out of your head because the Jones' most likely have been foreclosed out of their homes.


By Don Maclary - Realtor* ABR*,  Tue Nov 8 2011, 05:35
Well said right now the low rates and lower prices allow for very comfortable living. Families can now buy a suitable home in most cases for less then rent. (Its time to buy but buy smart!)
By Mary Beth Hurtado,  Wed Nov 9 2011, 04:49
Very well said Gabe - keep your homespun wisdom coming!

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