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By Frank Shea | Contractor in Nashua, NH

Do you as realtors/agent ?

Do it part time?


By Audrey Rynberg 231.349.0518,  Thu Jan 17 2013, 13:09
I've tried part time in the past years ago and did not find it effective for me or the goals I wanted to acheive. I think the public has a perception that a full time agent is better than a part time. I'm sure its due to being focused on doing one thing. Good topic!
By Frank Shea,  Thu Jan 17 2013, 13:57
Thanks Audrey and thank you. I like good topics. I have been looking at this market in Massachusetts the last several months and found this great article (below? if I did it right) that broke down how many Licensed realtors are in each town per 10000 residence. There's over 40000 homes listed for sale in Massachusetts and only about 3500 homes being sold a month. I figure there to be over 12000 realtors in Mass. If not more because there's 5500 alone in the City of Boston. And how much money can be made on 3500 homes being sold and split between over 12000 agents a month?

By Leah Brown,  Thu Jan 17 2013, 14:17
What is "full time" in this business? Its not 8-5... our hours are crazy so its difficult to seperate part and full time.

I am a momma of 2 kids (1 and 3) and I stay at home with them. So yes, I am in a sense "Part Time". However, I am working with clients daily (either showings, phone calls, emails, offers, etc). I have a great support of family and babysitters available so if and when I need to go out on appointments, I've got lots of backup to keep the kids. Mother's Day Out two days a week makes a big difference, too, because it gives me two days kids-free to really work, go into the office, schedule appointments, etc.

I definitely think full-time (not having kids at home) is easier because you can focus during the day better, however, real estate can take over your life if you let it, so you always need to be able to find that line between personal and work. I do a lot of my work between 9pm and 1 am (after my kids are asleep)!

I LOVE being a Realtor and am working to take myself to the "next level" in my professionalism, marketing, number of buyers and listings a year, etc. All while juggling my kids. Its tough but worth it. I always say that as soon as my kids are both in school, I'm going to be big time :)
By Frank Shea,  Thu Jan 17 2013, 14:54
No Leah your full time. Like everyone else that's trying to help others it's always full time.
I think realtors can make a LOT more money if they think outside the box. What do you do different for marketing?
By Carla Pennington, Realtor(R),  Thu Jan 17 2013, 15:43
If you mean work another job full or part time, I'd think that would be hard. The key to my success has been flexibility and availability. My ability to work around THEIR schedule has certainly been a benefit to my clients. That said, Leah is right...we do have to set boundaries in order for it not to be "around the clock" as opposed to "full time."
By Frank Shea,  Fri Jan 18 2013, 16:41
looks to me that 3-0 that you need to do this full time ?

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