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By Frank Dolski Associate Broker | Agent in 18901

If your home is not selling in a reasonable amount of time, what may be wrong?

There is no doubt that the Real Estate market in Bucks County, PA is very dynamic and still adjusting form the past few years but if your home is currently on the market and not selling in a reasonable amount of time, there must be a reason!  My name is Frank mind and I am an Associate Broker/Realtor for Coldwell Banker Hearthside Realtors in Lahaska, PA. As one of the top Realtors in the State of Pennsylvania, I have a few ideas on how to sell your home and moreso, how to better prepare it before listing it.

4803 homes sold in Bucks County in the past 12 rolling months.  Average days on market were 102 and the average price was $321,949.  For the same experience, 176 homes sold in Buckingham Township alone with an average of 104 days on market and an average sold price of $516,234.  Homes are selling and the market is slowly improving but why hasn't your home sold?  Great question!   One of the reasons may be price and other reasons could be location, amenities, curb appeal and general overall condition of the interior and exterior of the property.

The main variable in buying a home has always been location.  Schools, the job commute, and shopping are also important as well. But what happens if your home is still not selling.  Or, the feedback is that you are overpriced.  So your Reator suggest a price reduction. Or even another one!

So I have some recommendations that may help to answer the questions and furthermore, help  your home sell your home in a shorter time frame and for more money! Here are some general guidelines that I recommend to all sellers:
  1. The home must be de-cluttered and staged accordingly.  It is well worth the money to use the services of a professional tager and at a minimum, get a a professional analysis prior to listing your home.  I provide a free staging consultation at no cost with a very detailed analysis. Homes that I list which have been professionally staged sell quicker and for more money.  Many places like the Salvation Army, Purple Hearts and others will take your clutter (if it is in good condition) for free.  Less "stuff" in a home creates an impressions of a much larger space.  I have seen many instances where a family room just had too much furniture and items were taken out and utilized in other parts of the home. The result is a perceived las a much larger space!
  2. How does your home stack up against the competition?  Do you need granite, stainless steel appliances or painting?  All of these items come into play when preparing your home for sale. Comments that I hear are, "The new owners will change it how will they like it or what if they do not like the paint"?  Buyers of today want to move into a home that is in move-in condition.  Again, I utilize my experience to help sellers realize they can maximize their profit and reduce their days on market if they just prepare their home for sale.  Sound easy?
  3. The exterior of the home must be mulched, painted and show well.  Remember, this is a buyer's first impression! There is nothing worse than chipped paint, uncualked areas, weeds, and lack of exterior maintenance i enough to turn the client off before they enter the home.
  4. I continue to stress that less is best.  Kitchen counters should be clear and only accented with a few items such as a cook book and other decor to dress it up.  An overpopulated counter top creates the perception of less counter space. Dining room and kitchen tables should be set just like you see at a model home.
  5. The paint colors must match the decor and it is important to use earthtone colors in every room.  Have you every walked into a model home?  All of the rooms are painted, the home is staged and it is very inviting.  You can do the same thing within budget to prepare your home for sale. Price sometimes is a factor.  Every seller, myself included, always think that our homes are worth more than it really is.  You must be realistic and use the comparable sales as a guideline to price your home.  Keep in mind that there is a general discount rate so you must consider this as well when pricing your home. Also keep in maind that the market will dictate the price of your home.  Price it right but do not be afraid to reduce the price if it is warranted!  There are many variables that come into play when selling a home.  The home must also be properly marketed with plenty of good pictures.  Too many times I see poor lighting or pictures that do not portray a real image of the home. So what are your thoughts and ideas to sell your home.  What are the marketing mediums that your agent and broker use?  My homes are listed on over 350 websites, in print, social media and numerous other mediums.  I am interested to hear what you have to say on this topic and I look forward to your answers. Please visit my website at www.FrankDolski.Com for additional information.


Frank Dolski   MBA, ABR, e-PRO
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By Carol Perdew,  Tue Dec 13 2011, 22:42
Good ideas for the seller!
By Sheila Wilson,  Wed Dec 14 2011, 04:02
Great suggestions, Frank. I also agree that less is best. Less clutter definitely makes your home have that appearance of more space. Staging is also key in the sale of your home. Homes that are staged sell quicker and at a higher price in most cases.
By Shawn Rosa,  Wed Dec 14 2011, 11:47
its either overpriced or the listing agent is not marketing the home effectively
By Frank Dolski Associate Broker,  Thu Dec 15 2011, 05:04
Hi Sheila,
Yes, less clutter really does make a difference and opens up space. Something as simple as having 2 accents on a fireplace mantle can make a visual difference! I'd rather that buyers focus on the room and the fireplace, not 5 or six items on the mantle. the same holds true for counter tops. Less is best!
By James Mccarthy,  Thu Dec 15 2011, 10:36
Solid advice
By Rowland Barker,  Thu Dec 15 2011, 11:19
You are right on the mark! Any seller who wil notl take your marketing advice and ideas is not a motivated seller. And that is when a wise realtor will may not take the listing.
By Julie Pelly,  Thu Dec 15 2011, 12:20
Excellent blog! Many sellers don't realize that what worked in the past to sell houses, won't work now and more than ever, it's all about marketing. Today's buyers are very selective because they can be -- they want a move-in ready house and that means a streamlined appearance with warm, inviting colors. And you're right it's difficult for anyone to be objective about their own house so when it's time to sell your largest asset, it's time to trust the professionals!
By Allen O,  Thu Dec 15 2011, 15:09
Great advice, Frank. Your suggestions are a large part of the reason that you were able to sell our home in a timely manner and at a great price!
By Frank Dolski Associate Broker,  Mon Jan 23 2012, 05:48
Dear Mary Beth & Alicia,

Thank you for your comment! I agree that price is critical but how in my area of expertise; I see homes that sell for $460k that could have sold for $530k. This is only one of many examples that are fact. A home must always be priced within an appropriate range but staging, curb appeal, updating and more make a significant difference. Statistically, it has been proven that homes that are professionally staged sell for more money and in a shorter timeframe. I have had homes in the million dollar price range not sell with other Realtors which have been listed for a year and I have been able to list them for more money and sell within 5 weeks in some cases. I am talking about last year! So, as I do agree that pricing is critical, I also firmly believe that staging and updating are just as important!

Frank Dolski MBA, ABR, e-PRO
Associate Broker
CARTUS & SIRVA Certified Relocation Specialist
Previews Luxury Home Specialist
Coldwell Banker Hearthside Realtors
215-803-3237 (mobile)
215-794-1070 x-103

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