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Socialebb Strategies and Solutions

Let's Help Homeowners Save Their Homes From Foreclosure

By Frances Flynn Thorsen | Real Estate Pro in State College, PA
  • How To Create A Real Estate Video Squeeze Page Using FunnelKit

    Posted Under: Tech Tips, Agent2Agent  |  March 18, 2014 9:47 AM  |  488 views  |  1 comment

    Get FUNNEL KIT here.

    You can check out all the resources I used to create this video here.
  • WP Profit Magnet Demo - Create Moz-Styled Profit Walls On Any WordPress Website

    Posted Under: Tech Tips, Agent2Agent  |  March 15, 2014 12:50 PM  |  573 views  |  No comments

    WP Profit Magnet creates Moz-style profit walls on any WordPress website.WP Profit Magnet is a simple little WordPress plugin that allows you to effortlessly spin out the high converting 'LIST keyword' page, so you can quickly get FREE buyers traffic and make profits right away. My first WP Profit Magnet review was a big thumbs up, and now I have become a marketing partner for the product with plugin developer Peter Garety.

    You can get WP Profit Magnet here.
  • WP PinBoard WordPress Theme Review And Case Study and Bonuses

    Posted Under: Tech Tips, Agent2Agent, How To...  |  March 10, 2014 12:30 PM  |  636 views  |  No comments

    'How To Breathe New Life Into A Lonely, Neglected Domain And Start Driving Traffic With WP PinBoard Theme"
    Get WP PinBoard here: http://therealtygram.com/pinboard
    Get Bonus information here: http://therealtygram.com/wp1/wppinboard
    As you can see in the demo above ...
    WP PinBoard is a very easy to use WordPress theme you can apply to existing websites or new websites
    Since I am already using this theme and I am  very pumped about it ...
    ... I want to add extra value when you buy it via my special link on this page.
    "How Can I Use WP Pinboard?"
    There are lots of ways you can use WP PinBoard to make your website more fun and engaging to your visitors.
    * Build Neighborhood sites with posts (each post is a pin) about local eateries, schools, and other neighborhood attractions.
    * Create single property sites for real estate listings ... build a post for each room in the house ... with photos and videos for each room.
    * Amazon books and resources generate affiliate income
    * Recommended resources pages offer additional opportunities to earn affiliate income with your website.
    The possibilities are endless!
    Bonus #1
    Blogmother Fran's WordPress Library
    Imagine ...
    You are creating a new WordPress site and you have a question about setup.
    ... or you have a question about cPanel
    ... or setting up Permalinks
    ... or installing Google Analytics code.
    Where do you find your answers?
    ... in a Facebook group?
    ... do a Google search?
    ... search YouTube for a video?
    Blogmother Fran's WordPress Library gives you a library card to get the answers to all your questions in one place.
    Bonus #2 
    Create Awesome Videos With 12 Hours Of Natural Sounds - Royalty Free
    Bonus #3
    A Symphonic Harmony Of Synthesized Sounds For General Listening And Relaxation... 5 Audio Downloads
    Bonus #4 
    30 DOWNLOADABLE Videos About Blogs and Internet Marketing You Can Put On Your Own Website
    Step #1 - Get WP PinBoard using THIS link: http://therealtygram.com/pinboard
    Step #2 -- Send Your Receipt To Our Bonus Email
    Just send your receipt to support@therealtygram.com with a subject line: WP PinBoard Bonus Request...
    ...and we will add you to the bonus delivery list.
    Step #3 -- Wait For Our Confirmation And Access On 14th of March
    You will get an access email to our membership site where you will be able to download the landing pages and get access to the WordPress Library.
    Blog and Prosper!
    Frances Flynn Thorsen
  • Have You Hugged A FSBO Today?

    Posted Under: Home Selling, Agent2Agent  |  February 25, 2014 8:28 AM  |  463 views  |  No comments

    From the Desk Of: Frances Flynn Thorsen

    I always loved working with FSBOs.
    For Sale By Owner home sellers are in the same business as real estate agents.
    They sell houses. 8-)
    Insightful agents who work with FSBOs often get the coveted business of a for-sale-by-owner busienss.
    I joined a FSBO coaching program a few years ago and it helped me list about 10 FSBO homes a month. I did so well with that program, had so much fun with it, that the coaches who ran the program hired me to teach it.
    Every now and then an agent sends me an email from out of the blue and asks if I will start another FSBO coaching program. I had FOUR requests over the holidays to help with FSBOs and I said, "YES!"
    This time I will do it differently.

    FSBO Marketing Machine
    Instead of JUST sharing scripts and strategies on the telephone I am going to deliver all the technology and marketing collateral, too!
    • Landing pages
    • Templates - direct mail, email and SMS
    • SMS technology
    • Click-to-call plugin
    • Appointment plugin
    AND ... I am providing FSBO locator software you can use without a monthly fee.
    I am TOTALLY committed to your success, so I put together a package that had everything you need. It leaves NOTHING to chance!
    There will be Webinars with new material you never heard before, even if you've been selling homes for 30 years!
    This program will change lives - agents' lives and the lives of FSBOs who are lucky enough to connect with them.
    The last program I joined (and taught) changed my life.
    And this program is better.
    MUCH better ....
    Let's make 2014 our best year ever! Let's make it the YEAR OF THE FSBO and capitalize on that precious bank of real estate inventory!
  • Facebook Automation: Extract Data, Don't Scrape It!

    Posted Under: Tech Tips, Agent2Agent  |  February 25, 2014 3:03 AM  |  604 views  |  1 comment

    There is a new wave of Facebook automation tools that make it easy to extract large amounts of very targeted data. Those tools fall into two categories -- SCRAPING TOOLS and EXTRACTION TOOLS. Legitimate data extraction tools use Facebook API and comply with Facebook Terms of Service. Scraping tools do NOT comply with Facebook Terms of Service and some very prominent marketers have been booted off Facebook and all their accounts were closed. Their personal profile page was shut down and they lost access to all the Facebook Fan Pages and Groups they created. 
    Facebook does not like people coming in like thieves in the night scraping data about its users. There is a right way and a wrong way to get this data.
    It is dangerous to use scraping tools If you are looking at a tool and you cannot determine whether that tool is a legitimate extraction tool or a scraping tool I heartily recommend you avoid it totally. Don't download it and don't sign into it with your Facebook ID. 
    Setting up shop with a new Facebook ID and recreating your social network is not fun and it can be very costly ... on many levels.
    I have several pieces of software for extracting targeted lists in Facebook. My favorite tool lets me do some deep, insightful targeting... and you can check it out at http://TheREALTYgram.com/datareach.
  • Short Sale Marketing Gone Bad - Real Estate Privacy Nightmare

    Posted Under: Home Selling, Agent2Agent, Foreclosure  |  February 24, 2014 7:16 AM  |  565 views  |  No comments

    Real Estate Brokers Who Ignore Client Privacy Put Their Business At Risk. Real estate brokers and agents put their business at serious risk when they compromise the privacy and confidenitlaity of real estate sellers and buyers .I am co-author of "Real Estate Social Media Policies and Procedures Manual."
  • Use A Real Estate Reply Postcard For Direct Mail Success

    Posted Under: Tech Tips, Agent2Agent  |  February 23, 2014 6:32 AM  |  524 views  |  No comments



    Click here for a copy of the LETTER I talk about in the video.
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