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Remax PV realtors- Heidi Mackenbach and Frank Fountain

By Heidi Mackenbach and Frank Fountain, Remax Palos Verdes | Agent in Palos Verdes Estates,...
  • Changing the Color of Your Kitchen

    Posted Under: Design & Decor in Palos Verdes Estates  |  March 31, 2012 2:57 PM  |  822 views  |  No comments

    Check out these kitchen color ideas that give energy and inspiration to your home.

    Lemonade Yellow is energetic and eye catching; its the first thing guests will notice. Compliment yellow walls with island light fixtures with yellow tints that bounce the color off the walls. Mix the color with white cabinets and a soft backsplash to give it an airy feel.

    Spicy Red is the perfect complement to dark cabinetry. Combining red accents such as barstools with white ceilings, white marble countertops, and recessed lighting will reflect light around the room.

    Pumpkin orange is the perfect complement for a modernly designed kitchen. The color emits a warm and inviting feeling, breaking up the contemporary feel and creating a welcoming environment. Its the fastest way to soften a modern kitchen. Play up the color with brown cabinets and white lacquer accents.

    Blueberry Blue adds a subtle amount of vintage charm to a contemporary kitchen.  Paint the kitchen island blue and add a blue/ivory tile backsplash behind the stove to tie the colors together.

    Apple Green is a crisp hue that complements natural woods and stainless steel appliances while maintain the organic and comfortable feeling.

    Vanilla colored cabinets work best with sage-green and contemporary accents to update any kitchen but keep its old-fashioned appeal.

    Pecan finished wood cabinetry paired with light golden walls, olive marble countertops, and stainless steel accents create balance to the natural elements while keeping a cozy feel.

  • Fall Decorating Home Ideas

    Posted Under: Design & Decor in Palos Verdes Estates, How To... in Palos Verdes Estates  |  November 1, 2011 8:45 AM  |  713 views  |  No comments

    Fall Home Decorating Ideas-

    Here are some great decorating ideas from HGTV to celebrate the Fall season. 

    -Cozy up your family room. This is where you'll spend most of your time as the weather gets colder. Add plush pillows of all sizes and patterns and soft throw blankets to create a comfortable and inviting room. 

    -Change the bedding and bring out a heavy down comforter and thermal blankets. 

    -Set the table with festive pieces of fall. Think pumpkins, fresh herbs, and rustic-designed table accessories. 

    -Light scented candles around the house. Daylight savings time will end and the darkness will arrive sooner. Candles are an easy way to create a warm and cozy environment while reducing stress.

    -Bring fall scents into the house- wether through potpourri or candles. Scents such as cinnamon, pumpkin, and pine tree all remind us of the holiday season. 

    -The easiest way to dress the house up for fall is with a front door wreath. Look for wreaths with seasonal foliage and garden-fresh fruits. 
    Fall decorating ideas

  • There is a Style for Everyone

    Posted Under: Design & Decor in Palos Verdes Estates  |  September 26, 2011 12:30 PM  |  299 views  |  No comments

    Everyone has their one preference when it comes to the style of the home they dream about living in one day. Below is a list of the most popular types of homes; see which one is the right fit for you. 

    Art Deco- Known for its curves and high-gloss finishes, Art Deco homes evoke the feeling of 1930s glamour. Inspired by King Tut's tomb, this style includes repeat designs and vivid colors commonly found in Egyptian artwork. Art deco homes are most popular in Miami, South Beach.  Key elements include flat roofs, smooth walls, and bold exterior decorations. 
    Art Deco

    Cape Cod- Inspired by thatched cottages, the first Cape Cods were developed by early settlers from England in the 1600s. Traditionally, Cape Cods were very simple- designed symmetrically with a central front door and multi-paned windows on either side. Some key elements of this style include a large, central chimney, steep roof, windows and dormers, and shingle siding. Most Cape Cods can be seen in New England. 

    Colonial- There are several types of Colonial architecture- Georgian Colonial, Spanish Colonial, German Colonial, French Colonial, Dutch Colonial, Federal, and Cape Cod. The style came about as European settlers came to North America, bringing with them architectural styles similar to those of their native countries. Key elements include a square shape, five windows across the front, moldings along the eaves, flattened columns on each side of the door, and shutters. 

    Contemporary- Today's architecture styles are referred to as contemporary architecture. Easily confused with modern architecture, these two styles are not synonymous with one another. Although contemporary incorporates elements from a modern style home, it also concerns itself with energy efficiency and sustainable materials. 

    Mediterranean- In North America this style of home is best known for modeling its architecture after the haciendas in the Spanish New World. Common features include red tile roofs, arches, and plaster resembling adobe. California and Florida are the most popular states where Mediterranean homes can be found. Along with the red tiled roof, arches, and stucco walls, ornamental details are a popular element in these homes. 

    Modern- Modernism, a rebellion against classical architecture, encompasses several styles such as arts and crafts, art deco, and some ranch styles. Most modern homes feature an open living space, clean lines, technologically advanced elements, and is functional.  

    Ranch-Ranch-style homes are one of the most popular architectural styles in Souther California suburbs. These one-floor homes are modeled after the casual style of Western ranches. Other key elements include asymmetry-shaped as "L"s or "U"s, sliding glass doors opening to the backyard, attached garage, open floor plan, and simple exterior.  


    Tudor- This architectural style is one of the most recognizable homes. Designed to be well-suited for cold climates, it is most commonly seen on the East Coast. Common features include steep, multi-gabled roof lines, decorated framing and entryways, massive chimneys, brick exteriors, and windows grouped in or two, three, or four. Tudor

    Still not sure what type of home is for you? Take this great quiz on HGTV and find out!  http://www.frontdoor.com/buy/architecture-quiz-landing/1133

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