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By Cassandra Black, Consultant | Real Estate Pro in Atlanta, GA

Foreclosure Cleanup -- How to Find 50 Free Hours per Month to Grow Your Business

Foreclosure Cleanup -- Do you need help getting your small business to the next level but can't afford to hire employees? Find out how to uncover a hidden fifty hours per month, starting tomorrow, so you can grow your small business.


Foreclosure Cleanup: Found Hours for Your Small Business


As a small business owner, how would you use an extra twelve hours each week, an extra fifty hours per month? Maybe you would use that time to reach out to more clients, design more products, or add new services. Or, perhaps you would use that time to get more organized, send out more press releases, do more article marketing, or make more sales calls. No matter what, as a small business owner, you could likely find immediate use of those valuable hours to grow your business and ultimately make more money. 


Fifty Hours Equal Part-time Help


Adding an extra dozen hours each week in manpower to your company is the equivalent of hiring part-time help a few days each week. Most grassroots entrepreneurs would appreciate having a part-time helper. But the truth is, many simply cannot afford the expense.  


The U.S. Census Bureau reported almost three quarters of the nation’s small businesses don’t have a payroll. Most small companies are manned by self-employed owners, running unincorporated businesses, and these enterprises, in many instances, are not the proprietor’s primary source of income. (Source: May, 2012, United States Census Bureau.)  But that’s the stuff entrepreneurs are made of -- hardworking people doing more than one thing. It’s how our country was built, and it’s the staying power behind our nation today.


However, to hire someone to assist fifty hours each month is simply out of the question for a great number of entrepreneurs.  Even paying a part-time high-school or college student $8-$12 per hour is not an option for many start-ups.   But there is a solution. Small business owners have a hidden fifty plus hours per month right under their nose, right by their bedsides, and they can start using those hours to grow their businesses as early as tomorrow.  Read on to uncover your fifty hours per month.


Foreclosure Cleaning Business Assistance:  What’s the Solution?


So what is the solution; where is that found time?   The solution is those hidden hours in the early a.m., before the sun rises.  The saying “there are never enough hours in the day” seems fitting, especially when it comes to single-handedly running a business. But the truth is, there are enough hours -- if you use that time in the wee hours of the morning, before the world awakens.


If you’re growing a business, and not tickling a hobby, your alarm clock, perched right there on your nightstand, or cloaked in your cell phone, is your key to success.  For those who want to grow their businesses, get their enterprises to the next level, make more money, the key is getting up early. There’s no secret formula, no magic trick; you have to simply rise earlier.


As a small business owner in need of help, this is a solid, viable solution -- and, it’s one that can be implemented immediately, starting, tomorrow.


Need more incentive? See the game plan at http://www.foreclosure-cleanup-blog.com/?p=7622 and see how you can use those hours to grow your business.  Good luck with your foreclosure cleaning business!



Cassandra Black is a foreclosure cleaning business consultant and small business author. She has written several books, reports and forms about entrepreneurship and the foreclosure cleanup industry. She is also the author of a children’s picture book about entrepreneurship entitled, When I’m Big & Grown.  Cassandra’s next book, How to Start & Finance a Small Business While Collecting Unemployment, will be released on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

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