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By Francisco Orchilles | Agent in Orlando, FL

Selling Your Orlando Home? - Tips on how to sell your home in Orlando, FL - Francisco Orchilles, Realtor®

Are you thinking about selling your home in Orlando, FL?  Have you tried to sell your house for months but seem to have bad luck ALL the time?  There are a few basic fundamental techniques to getting your home sold in the Orlando market.

The home sale process can be very tricky and frustrating, if it is not carried out correctly from the beginning.  Everything from pricing your home, marketing your property, taking quality photographs, keeping up with all contract deadlines, and filling out paperwork correctly can become overwhelming for someone trying to sell their home, especially for first time home SELLERS.  Here is a list of the 3 most important home selling tips:


     Pricing your home right from the start will have a huge impact on the outcome of the sale and the seller's net proceeds.  An in depth analysis of current real estate market conditions must be carried out correctly in order to try and predict how the market will respond to a specific price.  All sellers want to get the most out of their home, this is nothing new!

     The danger comes in overpricing a home.  Many sellers have a deep emotional attachment to their property and always believe that their home is better than all other homes in the neighborhood.  the truth of the matter is, it does not matter what a seller thinks their house is worth, it does not matter what a Realtor® says a house is worth, it does not even matter what an appraiser says a house is worth!  All that matters is what a buyer is willing to pay for a specific property.  We live in the technology age and buyers today have access to all sorts of tools that helps them determine if they are getting a "good deal."  If a home is priced to high, no one will show up to see it and as the house sits on the market, people will start to wonder what is wrong with it.  Pricing a home for sale is the most important factor in getting your home sold!

Quality and Appearance

     If a seller is going to ask for top dollar for their property, they better be ready to make sure that the level of quality and appearance in the home is also top tier.  When a home buyer first walks into a house, they will immediately begin to reconstruct the home in their minds, adding in their own taste in decor and repairing any obvious signs of deterioration.  The more they find wrong with the home, the lower their offer will be, if any.

     De-cluttering a home is the easiest way to stimulate the buyer's mind into taking ownership of the home during the showing.  They will begin to unconsciously bring in their own ideas of how to improve the home.  With too much clutter, this creative process is blocked.  The buyer's focus will be overwhelmed and the showing will be a negative experience.

     Repairing any serious issues with the home will help get it sold faster and with much less headaches deeper into the home selling process.  Many buyer's are submitting AS IS contracts in today's Orlando market, meaning that the seller will not have to make repairs, but the buyer's can walk away penalty free if they cancel the contract within the inspection period.  The home buyer will have a set amount of days to perform any inspections and they have the right to cancel the contract, should they decide that the inspection report is not agreeable.  By taking care of all necessary repairs before you go under contract, the seller can eliminate any problems during the inspection period.

Memorable Pictures

     Home buyer's LOVE good pictures!  Without quality home pictures, a house may as well not even be listed for sale.  Most buyers prefer to look at pictures before they read any description of the home.  If they do not like what they see in the picture department, they will most probably move on to the next listing.

     Pictures will not sell the home, they will prompt the buyer to go view the home, effectively getting them one step closer to buying.  The potential buyer will then go out with their agent and view many houses before picking just one.  In this process, homes will begin to blend together in the exhausted mind of the buyer, and all they will have as a reference back to any specific property, will be the pictures.  This is why they are SO important.  They are the first impression and the last in the mind of the potential home buyer.

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