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By Maria Cipollone | Agent in Coral Springs, FL

Appointing Your Outdoor With Style

6 Design Tricks for Beautifying Your Home

By Dave Donovan

If you love looking through magazines and seeing beautifully manicured homes with nary a thing out of place, then you’ll be pleased to discover that it’s easier than you think to give your home a similar look. And by utilizing a few interior design tricks of the trade, you’ll be able to do so for much less than you might expect.
If you want to give your home a fresh feel and beautiful new look, try one or more of the following easy and affordable design tricks.
1. Clean and De-Clutter
If you look closely at those photos of pristine homes, you’ll notice one element is spread across each of them – they’re spotless! There’s not a magazine, a remote control, an empty glass or a speck of dust anywhere in the picture. The homes featured in these magazines take a minimalist approach to design in which less (clutter) is more (beauty).
Take some time and de-clutter your home. Use storage to get rid of anything you don’t immediately use or need or sell a few things off in a yard sale. Starting with as clean a canvas as possible will make the job of beautifying your home much easier.
2. Choose Natural Hues
While rooms of drastically bold colors might be inspiring to some, modern design experts suggest painting the rooms each a natural hue to give the house a free-flowing feel. If you just have to have bold colors, keep them as accent pieces so they add to the room rather than overwhelm it.
3. Choose Clean Lines Over Ornate
Ornate decorations, mirrors and picture frames make a room feel busier than it needs to be. Instead, go with versions that feature clean lines for a more aesthetically pleasing and tidier look.
4. Choose Modern Art Over Classic
Classic artwork gives a room a stuffy, museum-esque feel, while modern art makes the room feel larger. For the best result, choose a piece of art that has a color within it that matches the color of the wall it is being hanged on. It should be an accent color in the piece, not the primary color used. This will allow the art to blend smoothly with the wall rather than fighting against it.
5. Add Some Antique Elements
If you’re going to have a decorative item on display, make it something worth displaying. Antiques will sometimes have a patina on them that adds a sense of warmth and style to any room. Just be careful you don’t over do it. Shopping flea markets and antique stores can become addictive and you don’t want your home to wind up looking like an indoor garage sale.
6. Avoid Trends
In interior decorating, trends are just that – trends. This means today’s hot design trick or must-have element is temporary and probably by the time you get around to incorporating it into your home, it’s going to be passé. Unless you have the budget and the time to continually update your home’s interior, stick with tried and true design tricks like those mentioned above.

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