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...from a Sow's ear.

(hey! come look whut I made from thet Sow's ear!)

By Alan May | Broker in Evanston, IL

Badges? We don't need no steenkin' badges?

VIP BADGES... what do we think of the new badges.

Only moments ago, Trulia rolled-out it's new VIP program which rewards members of the Trulia community for their contributions to the conversation.

Any member of the Trulia community can become a VIP! Community members become eligible for VIP status once they earn 3,000 points and will qualify for higher VIP levels as they earn even more. Points are awarded to members based on their contributions to Trulia Voices (Q&A and Blogs) and the recognition those contributions receive (Thumbs Up, Best Answer, Comments and Page Views).

Once eligible, community members will achieve VIP status when they make 20 contributions to Trulia Voices (questions, answers, blogs and comments) within 30 days, and they can attain higher levels of VIP status with even more contributions. Each member's contributions are recalculated daily based on the past 30 days, so consistent participation is key to maintaining the VIP designation. Once members become VIPs, they will keep this status for 30 days thereafter and will need to maintain their contribution levels to remain a VIP.

Check out the table on the right to see how many points and contributions are needed to become a VIP Level 1, 2 or 3, and read on to find out how to start earning points and reaping rewards.


By Dianne Hicks (951) 514-5709,  Mon Dec 28 2009, 15:24
Well, I will tell you. I am finding more blogging nonsense. More repeated answers, as if there wasn't enough already AND I like VIP 1 better than 2 or 3. It is off, it seems backwards and 2 and 3 are not as noticeable. I want to stop to get it back to VIP 1 (lol)
By Alan May,  Tue Jan 5 2010, 13:29
I have to agree... I think VIP 1 sounds more important than VIP 3.
By Century 21 Full Service Realty,  Tue Jan 5 2010, 16:05
By Brian Copeland,  Tue Jan 5 2010, 17:02
Dianne, I didn't even think about it that way. It does make more sense in reverse. I'm still not sure about how it will all pan out. I spoke to an agent on the phone who had posted something completely embarrassing, making the agent look really bad in the public light. When I called her to tip her off that she should delete it, the agent said, "Oh, I don't know anything about Trulia. I just got an email today that I needed points." Scary!
By Dan Chase,  Tue Jan 5 2010, 18:35
Alan, you know what I think of the badges.

by replying to you here I just got 3 points.

Now doesn't that make me special?

For the record, Long before I ever saw any VIP badge, or mayor star I thought Alan May was someone to consider for a good realtor. It was his approach and replies that did it. The badges did not change my attitude at all. If Alan had no vip or mayor badge he would be as well esteemed in my eyes.

I have to go, only 999 more blogs to give useless replies to. Then I can be a vip2 easily. So much for quality over quantity in the vip system.
By Voices Member,  Wed Jan 13 2010, 20:38
As most people are aware I have not quite formed an opinion yet but am leaning towards I do not think much of them......
By Dan Chase,  Thu Jan 14 2010, 16:41
Even after all that has been said and done here with the vip program I had to ask this question.

Does a former VIP badge holder get the same exact badge back when they return from vacation? I saw no answer in the VIP guidelines.

Does anyone know? Does it mean we have to give a lot of posts here or risk losing our VIP status? I wish I knew.
By Betina Foreman,  Wed Jan 20 2010, 08:06
Dear Dan,
While the system has its flaws, Trulia is trying to make the forum make sense to the users. Nothing in life is ever perfect for everyone. So you simply have to work with what your given. I agree the badge numbering system is flawed as most users think #1 is better than #3, but what can you do? What I did was write a post to explain it to people. Hopefully that will help end users somewhat. That said, I am ok with having a badge as it sets me apart form the newer Realtor members of Trulia. Now if only there was a way to keep some Realtors and Brokers from assigning someone in their office to post a million blogs/answers/TU so they will land on top....?
By Voices Member,  Wed Jan 20 2010, 08:59

There is a way to keep Realtors from posting a million questions, Trulia can stop creating silly Badge programs encouraging it...

It's not having or giving Badges that's the problem, it's WHY they are GIVEN as you yourself have pointed out..
A person does not always HAVE to work with what they are given, sometimes if they are concerned enough they can work to FIX or IMPROVE what they have been given...

Doing/Saying nothing Fixes nothing.....This is about making sure Consumers are not deceived and if that's not important enough for Agents to try and fix.....Well then Agents should stop all the We are for the Consumer and We protect the Consumer chit-chat..

The users of this Forum are suppose to be Consumers and how is Trulia using this VIP Badge to help make the Forum make sense to them?
By Voices Member,  Wed Jan 20 2010, 09:15

The users of this Forum are suppose to be the Consumers so how is Trulia trying to make the forum make sense to them with these Badges/Tags?

What can you do? You can speak up and let Trulia know that creating this Flawed system of Badges was a mistake and it should be changed...

You wrote your Blog because you recognized Consumers may be deceived as to what the TAGS/BADGES suggested or were given for and if working to fix that is not important for Agents then perhaps they should refrain from all the we have the consumers interests as one of our main considerations.

What can you do? Speak up, doing nothing fixes nothing.......

Consumers are told to use the Find a Pro and the Rankings are prominently displayed there, if they are flawed and nothing is done then all who do not speak up are as guilty of the deception of the Consumer as Trulia IMO.

There is nothing wrong with Badges and Tags only why they are given and how they presented to the Consumer as far as what is suggested they imply.....If the Consumer cannot expect honesty from Agents about some Badge/Ranking system concerning Agents why should they expect it in any other area?
By Dan Chase,  Wed Jan 20 2010, 13:18
I did get a reply from Emily about the vip badge.

If I went away for 32 days and posted nothing my badge would go away.

To regain my vip level 2 status I would have to post 40 times in one day to regain my status.
To regain my level 3 status (if I had it) I would only have to post my 70 replies in one day.

Do we really want to start suggesting to people if you go away on a nice extended vacation be sure to spam-a-lot or post-a-lot of useless replies to regain your old status?

That is precisely the same issue that is the problem. Post, post, post. You may have some quality, but it does not matter. Trulia is just asking for "MORE POSTS".
By Dan Chase,  Thu Jan 21 2010, 16:49
Alan, today I got my vip2 badge. To celebrate that momentous event (sighs) I posted a question and a blog about it. If you are wondering, I did not say it was great. I used the event to ask about what a vip badge meant. I posted my scores in all areas to show that vip2 is not as great as it seems to be billed as.

I tried to explain what the vip rules and points can do. I only hope I succeeded in doing so.
By Voices Member,  Fri Apr 30 2010, 18:07
Here you go Alan...Trulias tweak of the VIP Badge Program.........

By Alan May,  Thu May 13 2010, 10:58
all I can say is "OY".
By Courtney Cooper,  Thu May 13 2010, 11:05
Thanks Dunes - I was wondering what had changed - I guess they had do make it a little tougher to move up since I was almost there - although no one is counting:)
By Voices Member,  Thu May 13 2010, 11:14

Would you consider doing a new blog from scratch..Discuss the TU/BA approach, the answer comment difference
see if people might be interested

I know that's what's done here but perhaps a fresh start less already existing comments..new faces opinions yadda
I know you need the points and you Agents are all into that Social media blogging thing so thought I'd toss the idea out...........if you do could I comment if I don't mention the incident in Venezuela
By Alan May,  Thu May 13 2010, 11:30
By Voices Member,  Thu May 13 2010, 19:19
Ya did it!!!!

So if someone wants to see your new Blog about this TUBA thing they should go here
By Dan Chase,  Thu May 13 2010, 20:20
I still do not need any badges. I have the vip3 and will keep it after these changes. I would be as happy if it was removed as the program was scrapped.

I want honest referrals that show quality, not just posting a lot or gaming a flawed system.
By Alan May,  Fri May 14 2010, 06:14
Ya... I did it a few minutes after I said "Shuwah".
By Alan May,  Tue May 18 2010, 10:57
the shame of it is, that many of the readers have no idea of it's origination...
By Voices Member,  Tue May 18 2010, 19:13
That does not interfere with the enjoyment I get watching this Blog Drifting slowly thru the Q & A
By Alan May,  Wed May 19 2010, 05:47
drifting... (rikki lee jones & dan hicks)
By Scott Godzyk,  Wed May 19 2010, 06:01
You know... i never gave any though that vip 1 does sound better than a vip 3.
By Alan May,  Wed May 19 2010, 08:49
I know, scott... I, too, thought that VIP 1 sounds like a higher ranking than VIP 3...
By Voices Member,  Sun May 23 2010, 11:05
I like watching this Blog with it's Excellent Title Drifting slowly down thru the Q&A....

A Confession from Dunes
By Alan May,  Sun May 23 2010, 13:18
thank you.. i'm pretty good at writing titles.
By Voices Member,  Mon May 24 2010, 09:46
Here's a good Title for ya....
"The End is Nigh it's a Good Time to Buy"

or "Don't Worry bout the Interest Rate cause you'll be paying 0% starting this Date"
By Voices Member,  Mon May 24 2010, 15:09
Hope ya turned off your email alert cause I still like seein this Drift thru the Forum and at the Top of Using Trulia....

Please check out ....http://www.trulia.com/blog/elv_s/2010/05/tuba_maybe_it_s_time_to_give_it_a_try
Discussion of an Alternative to the thing called VIP
By Emily Erekuff,  Mon May 24 2010, 15:30
Thanks to all who have chimed in here with their feedback and suggestions. Thank you also to Dunes for getting the discussion back on track.

Also please note that the following blog post explains that we are committed to taking a step back and making changes to the VIP program that incorporate your feedback. Please review the suggestions we've already received via the link below and feel free to add or reiterate your own:


Best Wishes,

Emily Gibson
Community Moderator
By Voices Member,  Mon May 24 2010, 15:59
You are of course referring to the "We Care" Trulia PR Blog posted after the VIP point Debacle. and the VIP Point Blog where Trulia did not respond for 2 weeks....

I did link to it so people could decide for themselves... but I personally think it's just a BS Blog...
By Voices Member,  Tue May 25 2010, 12:53

Check this out if ya have a chance........

Those interested in this Blog may also wish to check out Trulias latest VIP Point Update.......
By Voices Member,  Wed May 26 2010, 14:55
"Thank you also to Dunes for getting the discussion back on track."

You're Welcome
By rockinblu,  Wed Jun 2 2010, 06:32
It seems that Zillow has dropped the all star badge from the location next to the poster's avatar. However, they still have an all star history on the profile. Interesting.
By Voices Member,  Wed Jun 2 2010, 11:02
What do you do to be an All-Star at Zillow?

Is Zillow once again beating Trulia to the punch in reading the sentiments of the Public..

."Meaningless Badges are dorky"

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