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By Ellis San Jose | Broker in Westlake Village, CA

Why Trader Joe's matters...

Yes that's right I said it Trader Joe's let me explain,

When my wife & I were deciding where to move several years ago we made a list of what was important to us. The expected items were of course schools (because we have 3 young children in elementary schools) cultural diversification, because we want our children to be exposed to many different cultures (not to mention it usually means a better selection of restaurants & food choices), distance from family & friends, and a several more.

What I thought was funny is my wife said very seriously "You know if there isn't a Trader Joe's nearby that's a deal breaker".    I smiled & chuckled a little but she was dead serious.  You see she is one of the main reasons our family lives a healthier lifestyle.   She is very knowledgable & influential in making sure we are educated about  healthy food choices. She also got me into Yoga several years ago which had done wonders for my physical & mental health but I digress.  Because she is the primary person responsible for grocery shopping & meals she is VERY conscious about what we eat & put in our bodies.  She said very candidly, "You know I have to worry less about what chemicals & crap is in the food I buy  when I shop at Trader Joe's.  I can recognize what is on the label & the "mystery ingredients" are less of a factor".  It made me realize that this is a huge priority in our family & our lifestyle.  If we didn't have Trader Joe's as a choice, it would be a serious issue.  I thought to myself, how bad could it be if I went to just any grocery store & just was more selective.  Well I tell you, I understood very quickly after I tried to shop at another grocery store.  Oh sure I could also look for a Whole Food Market & get healthier foods there but UGHHHH the prices!!!   The inside joke is that customers call it "Whole Paycheck Market".

So you see something as unconventional as having a Trader Joe's nearby was much more important than I imagined.  This was one of the reasons moving to Austin,TX was eliminated from our list. Of course this discussion took place in 2010, & guess what is opening in downtown Austin in 2013...yep you guess it TRADER JOE's!

What is important to you when finding a new home & neighborhood?


Well we ended up moving to Thousand Oaks, CA & love it.  You will frequently see my 3 kids on their scooters or bikes going to Trader Joe's with my wife & I trying to catch up to them & telling them to slow down & wait for us.

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