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By Ed Hodkinson | Agent in 11714

Breaking The Ice - Door To Door

Well I’ve been doing alot of reading on the industry. I’ve received alot of great advice and I believe I’m on the right track. The one thing I know is that nothing is better than getting the first hand experience. Today was my first dose of that. I went door to door!

Now this was not door-to-door asking, “Hey…are you thinking of selling your home”? This was for a very good cause. Toys For Tots. It’s such a good cause and really anything that helps benefit less fortunate people I’m all for.

So my job today was this, go door to door and see if people want to donate to our Toys For Tots drive. It was a very interesting experience. As I went to each house I ran the gamut of reactions. One house was more than happy to hear me tell them about the cause. This was one of the first houses that I approached. So I thought ok…this should be pretty easy to do. The next house I went to was a reality check of what alot of the day would be like.

One-person barely cracked open the door and said “I just rent…its not my home”. I tried to explain to her that anyone could give but she wanted nothing to do with it. Then another house,  it took a couple of minutes for the guy to answer. Once the door opened he was in blue and yellow pajamas and gave me the stare of death. I would hate to know all of the things this person wished on me. Even as I handed him my flyer and explained to him what we were doing, he just nodded his head and never even looked me in the eye. Just a grunt and then the door shut.

So I went out with 25 flyers. I got face to face with about 10 people. The rest either were not home or did not bother to answer the door. At that point I just left them our flyer in their door.

As I was walking home I began to think to myself that this face-to-face thing is going to be rough. But the best part of that was I LOVED it. Now granted I had alot of bad stares. But I also had a few good ones and even one or two pleasant people. The point is I felt great to break the ice and get out from behind the book to start experiencing the life of a real estate agent. Its going to be a long road but I feel I’m VERY up to the challenge.



By Aaron Schreiner,  Sun Nov 21 2010, 18:55
Hmm...interesting experience. The point is to not get frustrated by bad reactions and focus on the good ones. Best of luck, Ed!
By Donna Kunzig,  Mon Nov 22 2010, 06:54
Lol...funny account...Its the way it is! You'll hear a lot of "nae's" before that rewarding $10K "yae"! It's worth it; keep knocking, and good luck!
By Donna Kunzig,  Mon Nov 22 2010, 06:55
Lol...funny account...Its the way it is! You'll hear a lot of "nae's" before that rewarding $10K "yae"! It's worth it; keep knocking, and good luck! ..

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