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By Robert Pratt | Broker in Chicago, IL

Use These 11 Ideas to Improve Your Chicago Home’s Air Quality

We all want our homes to be safe and healthy for ourselves and our families. Knowing that the air we breathe while at home is as toxin-free as possible gives us peace of mind. So what can we do to improve the indoor air quality of our Chicago homes?
A number of factors contribute to the air quality in your home. The first step is to know where harmful air contaminants come from. Pollutants such as tobacco smoke, mold, gases and volatile organic compounds are commonly found in homes. Paint, floor finishes, cleaners and many ordinary household products produce VOCs that are not good for our health. Molds grow in damp spaces and are big contributors to respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies. In some cases, harmful gases like carbon monoxide can leak from heating and cooling systems, and radon can seep into your house or condo through the foundation.  
Fortunately, you can take measures to protect your home and your family from many of these indoor air contaminants. Here’s how…
  1. Make sure the ceiling fans in your bathrooms are working properly (and don’t forget to turn them on when showering!). Their job is to pull humid air outside of the home. If your mirrors are fogged up after a shower, the vent is not functioning as well as it should and needs to be repaired or replaced.
  2. Check that your kitchen and laundry vents are in working order. They should suck air in and draw it outdoors.
  3. Add a heat exchanger to your heating and cooling system to increase ventilation.
  4. Stop smoking indoors and do not smoke within 15 feet of doors and windows when smoking outside your house or condo.
  5. Install carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of your home and replace batteries regularly.
  6. Have a radon test conducted in your home – check online for free testing options.
  7. Always open the flu when using your fireplace to draw smoke up the chimney and prevent it from coming into your home.
  8. Regularly replace your furnace filter (at least once every three months).
  9. Repair leaking pipes or other sources of moisture that can create an attractive environment for mold to grow.
  10. Buy an air purifier to run in the rooms in which you spend the most time. There is a wide range of models available at varying price points and efficiency levels.
  11. Add green plants to your home décor. House plants act as natural air purifiers, eliminating a number of harmful pollutants from the air and producing fresh oxygen for you and your family to breathe. 
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By Mitch Larrivee,  Wed Mar 23 2011, 09:13
Great info!! Thank you for sharing

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