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By Doug Willis, Gri, Cdpe, Cias | Broker in South Pasadena, CA
  • Get Top Dollar For Your Home With Video

    Posted Under: Home Selling in South Pasadena, In My Neighborhood in South Pasadena  |  September 25, 2012 11:05 AM  |  95 views  |  No comments

    Getting the most money from the sale of your home is a top priority, but how do you know you are or for that matter you will? We as consumers shop for deals on cars, furniture, etc. However we may be quick to leave a few thousand dollars on the table when we sell our home.

    Every real estate agent you interview will tell you listing with them will guarantee you top dollar for your home. Maybe they will, but you need to find out what programs or ideas they have to insure your success. Talk is cheap and if you don’t believe that turn on the TV and look at some political ads.

    Marketing your home with video will get you top dollar
    I have been to numerous workshops, seminars, read books, and spoken with home sellers. I’ve watched video’s and been in multiple role play situations only to come to the conclusion that when probed with questions, most agents don’t do anything differently than their peers. Some are better talkers, presenters, some follow up, some turn it over to an assistant. The critical factor where most are void is in one particular area.

    Marketing for Increased Dollars

    Marketing is defined as the process of communicating the value of a product or service to the consumer. If you are selling your home, don’t you want to communicate the value of your home with every possible feature and amenity?

    Listing your home with the neighborhood specialist who has been in business for 30 years and sells your home to one of her clients gets you a quick sale. But does it get you the most money? Probably not. To generate the greatest return on your asset you must have a marketing program that creates awareness and exposure. Nothing does this better than video.

    Real estate is a very emotional purchase. Video tells a much better story than a few lines of descriptive text and poor picture quality. Consumers are much more likely to pay more attention to a listing which features video, it sets the expectation this home is special.

    The Video Advantage

    Video also provides one other very important function, search engines love it!

    Search engines determine how things are found on the internet and are much more likely to give video preference over text or pictures. Video increases the visibility and awareness of your home when it is “for sale”, successfully exposing your listing to many more consumers. It also offers the possibility someone may see it who has a friend or family member looking for a home.

    Lastly, a video is much better on retention and recall. We are much more likely to remember what we see and hear as more of our senses are utilized and appealed to.

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