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Donna Schifano's Blog

By Donna | Property Manager in Cambridge, MA


i got an inquiry and a request to make an offer on  property unseen. I called my broker and he did not think it was for real but to follow along until I found quite of few others on this forum that received the same letter but from other imposters..


>Subject: Dear Donna Schifano
> From:    "Wang Tao" <wangtao3352@yahoo.com>
> Date:    Thu, July 8, 2010 8:14 pm
> To:      Info@westnewburymahomesforsale.com
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear Donna Schifano,
> Thanks for your response. I am Mr. Wang Tao a Japan origin. I need a
> property urgently. I am a very busy man, but let me just tell you how I
> want the house and conclude the deal in a short time frame.
> I need a 4 bed room single family home to buy, in gated community in your
> city with a garage and 2 bath with or without swimming pool price should
> be between $400,000 to $600,000 , you can reach me at Tel: +81-3388-73121
> also my Canada representative is Edward Brown Tel: 416-824-1768 .
> Moreso , I have seen some that intrest me from the list you sent me hence
> i will be going in for   MLS #: 71070921  because, I love the  property,
> please send me the contract  agreement for me to sign and return
> immediately this will be my retirement home and it will be a cash buy.
>   1. I will want to close on 23rd July, 2010
>   2. I want to put down $5,000.00 Earnest money + $150,000.00 down payment
> towards home.
>   3. I want to put contingency on inspection on the contract.
>   My legal name is Mr. Wang Tao of  45685 Patten Ave. Chilliwack B.C., V2P
> 1S3 Canada and I am single, I will not be in Canada before the closing
> date to wire the funds to an attorney, so I will advice you to send me an
> attorney information for a check to be drawn to give enough time for check
> clearance since I wont be in Canada to wire funds for closing.
>   Please forward a purchase contract agreement to me  in docusign format,
> docusign format is an electronic way of signing document.
> My Canadian Rep Mr. Edward Brown Esq., will Issue payment in US Funds for
> the earnest money and the down payment for the property payable to your
> attorney, the check will be delivered to your attorney. My Rep Mr. Edward
> Brown Esq. can be reach at:1-416-824-1768, I strongly advice that I need
> an attorney to represent my interest in this transaction, my lawyer can
> pay to seller or title company so therefore I would like to deposit all
> payment with the lawyer.
> Please I need the following information for your attorney immediately at
> my own expense
> Law Firm Name...................................................
> Law Firm Address.......................................................
> Law Firm Telephone......................................................
> Lawyer's Name...........................................................
> Regards,
> Mr. Wang Tao


By Emily Erekuff,  Mon Jul 19 2010, 12:28
Thank you for posting this Donna. We encourage everyone who receives any similar emails to forward them to us. The best way we can nip this in the bud is to block the initial messages these users send through our platform.

We’ve also written the following PSA to help agents avoid phishing scams and urge everyone to share it with their broker/agent sphere.


Best Wishes,

Emily Gibson
Community Moderator
By Irena Popilevsky,  Mon Jul 19 2010, 12:37
I got the same email with the same content. I wanted to see how far this Mr. Wong Toe go with this so I provided him with the name and address of an attorney I trust. Mr. Wong Toe sent a check and all to the Attorney, the check is fake, I was receiving emails on a daily basis from him, he actually called me on the phone to ask me if the funds arrived. He also asked me when will he have the contract of sale and all. I told him that my Attorney is in the process of verifying funds and we will send the contract out as soon as possible, Haven't heard from him since.
By Voices Member,  Tue Jul 20 2010, 06:29
Irena, millions of these scam writers exist. When emails are too good to be true, best not to respond. Otherwise, you will get hundreds of emails from alleged Princes' or Princesses' whose family were wiped out but not before hiding 10 million and they need your services to get the money, and will pay you 1 million, if you have $500 to give them to file the so called legal papers. Richie
By Nina Robinson,  Tue Jul 20 2010, 09:53
The Scams are ALIVE AND WELL! Take heed that if anyone calls you and wants to purchase, sight unseen be careful. Call the banks, and know even though the client seems real, there is identity theft involved.
If it seems to good to be true, it is...

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