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By discovertrulia | Other/Just Looking in San Francisco, CA

Upcoming Changes to Trulia's Display of Foreclosure Properties

Trulia Community Members,

Thank you all for your patience while awaiting the timeline of upcoming changes we promised you. We apologize that these plans took longer than expected to finalize. 

We would also like to thank you for voicing your concerns about the display of RealtyTrac properties on Trulia. This feedback was the impetus for the following changes that should be live on Trulia within the next two to three weeks:
  • Provide a more accurate description of the ‘price’ (first loan amount, default amount, opening bid, list price, transfer value, estimated market value) for each foreclosure 
  • Improve how the ‘price’ for each foreclosure is selected so it reflects, as accurately as possible, the potential acquisition cost or fair market value for the property 
  • Provide more user education about the foreclosure process, how to buy foreclosures, foreclosure terminology, next steps and research tips 
  • Identify foreclosure records that are listed on the MLS on the property details page 
  • Indicate that registration with RealtyTrac is required to access full details and describe the benefits (address, foreclosure notices, loan history, lender and trustee information…) of membership 
Please also note that the following updates are already live on our site and were also made with your feedback in mind:
  • Clearly identify foreclosures, and the stage of foreclosure for each record, on the search results and detail pages:

  • Revise business filters to better remove properties that recently sold and are no longer in foreclosure 
  • Allow users to remove foreclosures and properties in specific stages of foreclosure (pre-foreclosures, auctions, bank-owned properties) with our search filters:

Thanks again on behalf of the entire Trulia team!


By Sam DeBord,  Tue Jun 29 2010, 16:32
This is a nice step forward, and ought to clear up a lot of confusion. Nice work.
By Scott Godzyk,  Tue Jun 29 2010, 17:24
THIS IS THE BEST NEWS IN A LONG TIME. This will help alot of buyers in their searches. The realty trac ads were very deciving in that they were not listings but ads. Now we just need some answers on the points mess. hopfully it will be yaken cae of real soon as well. good job on the realty Trac ads.
By Emily Erekuff,  Wed Jun 30 2010, 10:45
Thank you for the feedback everyone and to Dan for the additional suggestions.

Emily Gibson
Community Moderator
By Donna Lishen,  Wed Aug 25 2010, 14:53
Foreclosures have become a tricky road that we are all navigating. I list a lot of foreclosures, and I find that buyers and sometimes even agents can get confused about different requirements from each assett management company. Disclose, disclose, disclose. Short sale, potential short sale, foreclosure, bank owned or pool sale. Let everyone know, then let the buyer decide if they want to wade in the water. Too many water metaphors... 5th anniversary of Katrina this week.
By Pat and Steve Pribisko,  Wed Aug 25 2010, 15:09
Your response about resolving the foreclosure issues sounds good. I agree with Scott Godzyk, above, that we "need some answers on the points mess."
By Jay Emerson,  Tue Nov 9 2010, 17:26
Am I missing something? I still don't see where it will say "these homes are not really available. But if you register and pay for a RealtyTrac subscription, we will give you other listings that a Realtor could have already given you for free." ??
By andrewmirish,  Thu Sep 12 2013, 13:36
My wife and I were almost a victim to this scam. Luckily I had seen this thread before it was too late. Had our hopes up high and even while feeling it was "too good to be true" we wanted it to be and this is where they get you. Spread the word the process of real estate is hard enough without these criminals getting involved and preying on your dreams. Here is a copy of the letter I got yesterday in response to an inquiry:

New message for 4139 55th Ave SW, Seattle

      My name is Tedric D Ewing , I own the wonderful 3br - Single-Family Home . And I also want you to know that it was due to my missionary work transfer that made me want to leave the house with an intention of giving it out for rent ( We decided against selling it ) . I am looking for a responsible person that can take very good care of my property. I am not particular about the money for the rent but want the property to be kept clean at all time as it is our hard-earned property. If you are honestly interested and will absolutely maintain my property,(treating it like it belongs to  you) that will be great as i hope i can put my trust and confidence in you because i  will come to check on my property yearly. I initially wanted to put the house for sale but had a second thought to rather put it up for rent,  because as a matter of fact l will be coming back home in the next  3yrs,and would need a place to live in. you are welcome to the house at your convenient but you will only be able to see the property from the outside for now and do get back to me as soon as that is done, And you may see For  Sale Sign at the front of my House cause i initially wanted to put the house for sale ,i am working on removing the sign since am renting it Out  .....

Presently, I am here in Brownwood Texas  doing the Lord's duty for humanity, for through our direct service to mankind, the blessings and promises of God will manifest. The house vital informative documents and the entrance keys to the house are with me, for i try to look for dependable agent to handle the rent but could not find due to the limited time we had before leaving. Mostly we do not want our property to be given to any sort of person to avoid damages and troubles.You can go over or drive by to see the house, but you can only view from outside for now, i hope you understand , so I hope you will promise us to take very good care of the house. So get back to me on how you could take care of our house or perhaps the experience and your present living condition.

*PETS ( Dogs and Cats are allowed )

Security Deposit : $1,000
Monthly Rent : $1,200

Lease Term : As long as you wished So if you are really interested let me know so i can send you the Rental Application Form for you to fill out.
God Bless You
By Tera Keister,  Sun Sep 15 2013, 05:50
The above letter is identical to an email I received back! They also sent a form though for me to fill out!

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