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Diego Arce

Diego Arce / Real Estate Agent Miami FL

By Diego Arce | Agent in Miami, FL

5 Home Improvement Tips That Conserve Energy and Cash!!!

People are trying to save money any way they can but when it comes to their homes, many neglect repairs because they fear taking the time to make the repairs will require more time and money than they can afford.
“Regular maintenance can actually extend the life of a home and energy improvements are often inexpensive and start saving consumers money immediately,” said Joel Bell, executive vice president of Cincinnati-based Handyman Connection, a franchise system with over 100 North American locations specializing in worry-free small- to medium-size home improvement, home repair and remodeling services. Here are a few tips to trim energy costs this winter from Handyman Connection’s home improvement experts.
-Windows and doors are the number one source of energy loss and the biggest cash drain on your energy bill. Check weather stripping’s effectiveness by turning off the lights and looking at doors and windows; if light is visible around them or any sort of draft is felt, new stripping is needed.
-Installing foam gaskets around switches and outlets on exterior walls is another money-saver because they prevent air exchange between inside and outside of the house (also known as the “chimney effect,” where conditioned air escapes through the walls and decreases the efficiency of HVAC systems).
-Setback timers for water heaters are great because they only operate during designated times; you can even consider an on-demand water heater, which is tankless and only heats water as needed. This kind of heater is roughly $1,000 but the payback is rapid.
-Insulation becomes compacted and loses its effectiveness as time passes, so if you can see the drywall or plaster, it’s time to add more. Cost will vary but loose-fill insulation is typically less expensive to install than batt insulation and provides better coverage.
-Just like exterior varieties, interior motion sensor light fixtures turn on when they sense motion and off when there’s none. Compound the savings with compact fluorescent light bulbs; Energy Star-qualified bulbs use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer
By Agent Diego Arce

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