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By Deric Rangell | Broker in Downey, CA

What we know about predicting the Market...

Markets are Markets!  Let me repeat Markets are Markets! Stocks, Houses, Cars... They all went down!

That said, what the data supports is time doesn't right purchasing errors. Dealing with an agent who really knows how to read market data and take into account your desired time to move or liquidate an asset is worth its weight in gold.

In August 2007, the Jumbo Market imploded! In markets driven by liquidity aka " bubbles" there is always a certainty.  That certainty is: " When Liquidity dries up, assets decline sharply to where the next level of liquidity exists to support asset prices."

What made that time difficult was 1 in 10 real estate agents really knew markets and their relationship to liquidity! Too bad for those who didn't seek out the ones who did.

The current market will have a slow drive upwards. The efforts to sustain this market have presented the best time to sell! The reason: Once credit tightening begins purchasing power will erode because more expensive money means you can qualify for smaller mortgages, which means you buy less house.  Period! End of Story. If you are thinking of selling, you always want to be a seller at the later stages of when money is cheap. And Boy is it cheap now!

Money's relative value is measured in what it can purchase. When its abundantly cheap, you can buy alot, when its not the reverse is true. Need to sell, consider doing it soon, if you have the choice.

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Deric Rangell
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