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By Dear Credit | Real Estate Pro in Bridgeport, TX
  • How deep is your hole that you have dug?

    Posted Under: Home Buying, Foreclosure, Credit Score  |  December 11, 2012 1:49 PM  |  132 views  |  No comments

    So, where are you? What does your life look like? How deep is your hole?

    Take a moment to assess your situation. The reason most people are under our care is because something happened to interrupt the life they thought they were going to have and something uglier emerged instead. Something unforeseen impacted their life, or overspending crept up little by little and series of bad choices ultimately led to unsustainability.

    You have decided to take action and put the past behind you and get on with your future. But bad credit history reflects some type of emotional pain, not just financial pain. Pain of divorce, medical problems, and loss of income, failed or strained marriage, and now you find yourself starring in a movie that isn't following the script you planned for yourself.

    Climbing Out

    Warning: To climb out of an emotional and financial hole and restructure your life to have joy, peace, prosperity, and abundance, takes honesty and long term discipline. By honesty, I mean understanding that there is only one person you can fix, only one person you can change, and that person is not your spouse (no matter how much they need it!) It’s YOU. To change your life, you must change yourself, your habits, your thinking. You cannot see yourself as a victim, but as the author of your life, and the cause of the problems in it. This is a big change of thinking for most, and it will take time to really sink in.

    Complete Restoration

    Complete restoration is possible, but you must first take a painful assessment of how your choices contributed to end result. Examine your decisions, your contribution to your situation, and your lack of action when action was needed, if your fears washed away confidence, if your habits contributed to your medical problems, if your words, attitude and your thought life eroded relationships. The first step up and out is to own your part.

    Like any project, in the beginning we must honestly assess the situation and begin clearing out the old stuff before the new stuff begin. You can’t build a new life on old habits and wrong thinking.
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