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By Dawn Rivera | Agent in Fremont, CA

The Home Water Filtration Device

June 16 2011
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The Water quality Association estimates that 4 out of 10Americans use a home water treatment unit.  Even though ACWD delivers high quality drinking water that meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards,many individuals in the service area use their own water treatment units at home.  One of the most commonly used home water treatment units is the point-of-use filter.  These filters are commonly utilized inside a water pitcher, installed under the sink, attached to a facet or on the water/ice line for the refrigerator.

In general, home water filters can be effective at improving the taste of water, and some will also reduce lead and other contaminants.  Home water filters are made by numerous manufacturers and use a variety of filter materials.  The most common material is activated carbon.  Activated carbon is extremely porous; the pores enable the carbon to bond with contaminants and trap them.  It is important to remember that activated carbon filters must be replaced periodically because the can become plugged; once the filters adsorptive capacity is used up, no further contaminant removal occurs.  Think of it as a parking lot: once all the spots are taken no one else can park there.

As with any water treatment unit, activated carbon cannot remove all possible drivking water contaminants.  Because activated carbon systems are limited in the types of compounds they can effectively remove, it is essential that you determine what you are trying to remove before purchasing such a system.  To help determine what contaminants a given water treatment unit will remove. look for a certification from the California  Department of Public health (CDPH).  CDPD certification means that the deivce has been tested to:

1. verify the manufacturer’s health-realted performance

2. ensure the materials used within the device do no add contaminants.

This information came from the Alameda County Water District news letter.

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