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Sacramento Real Estate

By David Yaffee | Agent in Sacramento, CA
  • Tips When Selling A Sacramento Real Estate Home

    Posted Under: General Area in Sacramento, Home Selling in Sacramento  |  February 23, 2012 2:06 AM  |  511 views  |  No comments
    Home sellers would like to dispose of properties as quick as possible especially if they are planning to relocate to other places. But before selling any of your property, always remember that you need to carefully plan everything before attempting to list your hard earned property at any real estate listing firm. Apart from that, know how to get your buyer’s attention and do something to impress them right from the moment they step in at your doorstep.

    Below are some important things you can do to attract home buyers and eventually sell your property.

    Disassociate yourself from the house you are selling – First things first, it is best to forget that you own the house from the moment you planned to sell it. This attitude will help you focus on the reality that the house you are selling will no longer be yours and it will be under a new owner very soon. Prepare your mental and emotional state one week before vacating the property so that you will not feel any pain when leaving the property. Don’t look back, instead try to look forward for a brighter future ahead of you. Forget the past and buy a new property and enjoy it with your family.

    De-clutter the property – To impress would-be home owners, it is ideal to remove all the junk found in the property you are selling. It is up to you if you will donate all the junks at the local junk shop or throw it away at the nearby dump site. It is your choice as long as you are able to de-clutter your home to impress home buyers. Do this before allowing a show (another real estate term for open house) and do this two hours before the home buyer arrives.

    Organize and arrange bedroom closets and cabinets to impress buyers – Before you allow a show (open house) to happen, make it a point to organize and arrange closets in all bedrooms and check if all the kitchen cabinet doors are functioning well. This will give the buyer an impression that you take good care of the property, thus, making them feel good about the property you are selling.

    Do repairs to impress home buyers – Make it a point to patch cracks in the walls to hide unnecessary holes and replace busted lights before you allow buyers to come in and have a show. Do check the door knobs of all the doors in the house if all are working properly and if not, do replace them right away. Check faucets as well and if it is leaking, replace it too.

    Remove greasy oil in the driveway – Pressure wash the driveway to remove excess oil to make a good impression to the buyer. Remember that an oily driveway is not very pleasing to the eyes so better clean the driveway before making an appointment with the client to see the property you want to sell.

    Clean the entire house before allowing home buyers to see the house – Don’t make an appointment without sweeping the floor or even cleaning the glass windows full of dirt. It is your responsibility as the present owner to make sure that the property is in good condition literally and figuratively before putting it at any listing site.

    Impress buyers through your attitude during the show (Open house) – Your attitude as a seller can also be a great factor to gain the confidence of the buyer. When you act nicely to them, the tendency is they will give you some sort of respect and eventually lead to buying your property.

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  • Easily Get Your Ideal Sacramento Real Estate Home With This Tips

    Posted Under: General Area in Sacramento, Home Buying in Sacramento  |  February 13, 2012 10:39 PM  |  480 views  |  No comments
    Home value is not just the only thing you need to think of when buying any property in the region. As a home buyer, there are other things you need to consider in finding the right home for you and I have listed them all below.

    Check the location of your target property - Location has a huge factor in buying homes most especially when we talk about the property value. To tell you the truth, the home value may vary through its location. Apparently, properties located in suburbs are much cheaper than those homes you will find in urban areas. This happens because suburbs' economic stability is not as competitive as urban areas. But the good things about suburb living is that it's unique serenity. Well, because they are far from most important establishments such as schools, churches, hospitals, markets, restaurants, marts, gyms, parks and many others, suburb properties offer calming and relaxing style of living without worrying about noise pollution.

    Another great advantage of suburb living is that the entire place is traffic free, this makes the area appealing to those families who would like to escape the hustle and bustle city life. Lastly, if you want to hear chirping of birds and splashing of winds then suburb living is perfect for you.

    What type of home fits your lifestyle - Ask yourself if you would like to own a house and lot or a condominium unit. Single family home (house and lot) will give you the opportunity to put in a garden since it has a backyard, an advantage that a condo unit cannot afford to have. Single family homes (house and lot) are much more expensive compared to a condo unit though. But owning a condo unit has its own advantage as well. Maintaining the problems inside the condo unit will be the sole responsibility of the building management already, unlike in owning a house and lot where you will fix everything at your own expense.

    Number of levels - It is also important to check how many levels or stories you prefer in a home you want to purchase. If you have a member of your family who has a medical condition, then it is wise to purchase a one storey home (without steps) to be able to have an easy and safe access in and out of the house most specially if the patient is using a wheelchair.

    Space is important - If you want a spacious home, then check out the square foot of your target property and choose that one that has a much bigger area. A much bigger property has an advantage since having a larger spaces offer more opportunity to expand in the long run.

    Check the home interior - If you are more particular in colors, then check out if the property has the right color pleasing to your eyes. Also, know how many rooms and bathrooms do you prefer in a property. First time home buyers prefer two bedrooms but ideally, three bedrooms is the perfect number of rooms most home buyers would want to have. Meanwhile, two bathrooms are enough in a home because owning more than that will only give you headache in terms of maintenance cost including labor fees and other valid surcharges.

    Knowing the crime rate is very important - It is your responsibility to find out and know the updated crime rate in the neighborhood where your target property is located in. Do not sign the contract and much worst; move in to the property without investigating the crime rate in the whole neighborhood most especially if you have children.

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  • Very Important Things To Remember Before Running Your Own Sacramento Real Estate Business

    Posted Under: General Area in Sacramento, Home Buying in Sacramento, How To... in Sacramento  |  February 12, 2012 8:34 PM  |  562 views  |  No comments
    If you want to be successful in a real estate business, the first thing that you need to do is to be familiar with the basics. The reason why there are a lot of people who are getting into real estate business is because once you purchased a property, the value of it will continue to appreciate. Aside from this, you will also be able to build a strong passive income that can generate thousands of dollars every year. However, you still need to make sure that you know the basics, because your investment could be wasted if you weren't able to follow the building blocks of real estate business.

    The first and probably the most important part of a real estate business is looking for a reliable realtor. We can say that they are your partner in business, because they will be the one to look for the property that you can purchase. Aside from this, you will also be able to receive advices from them regarding the best way to invest in the real estate market. If you were able to find a reputable realtor, we can say that your business is almost guaranteed to succeed.

    If you are a person who would love to take risks, the best property that you can purchase are the ones that are in short sale. The reason why you need to look for these properties is because they are being sold for a price that is much lower than the mortgage rate. However, you still need to be very careful because there are several reasons why the owner wasn't able to pay for the mortgage. Nonetheless, it is still a good investment because the price that you have to spend for it is lower than its market price.

    If you want to build apartments for rent, it would be better if you are going to look for lots for sale. Since there are no establishments placed on the lot, you don't have to spend a lot of money for it. Aside from this, you will also be able to save money since you won't have to demolish an existing building just to have your building built. If you want to determine whether the place is a good place for apartments, you can ask your realtor because they are well-aware of the things that should be considered before building your property.

    If you are just starting to build your portfolio of real estate properties, it would be better if you are going to start buying small houses and have it rented by other people. This will cover the money that you have to spend for the mortgage, and you won't have to think about anything. The good thing about this is that after you've finished paying the mortgage, the property will be yours and the income that you are generating from the rent could be used to invest in a new real estate property. Just make sure that you are going to consult your realtor when getting into such investments.

    There are a lot of things that you need to know about Sacramento Real Estate. This is the reason why you need to make sure that you have professional who can help you with all the decisions that you make. You can contact us now if you are looking for professional help when it comes to Sacramento Real Estate, because we have all the information that you need.
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