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Sacramento Real Estate

By David Yaffee | Agent in Sacramento, CA
  • Selling Commercial Sacramento Real Estate - How Does It Work?

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Sacramento, Home Selling in Sacramento, Foreclosure in Sacramento  |  April 24, 2012 2:44 AM  |  436 views  |  No comments
    Always keep in mind that selling any commercial real estate property for the first time requires awareness of the real estate market, proper timing, first-class appraiser, a reliable real estate agent, a trusted attorney and most important of all, lots of luck.

    To give you an idea, commercial properties differ a lot from residential properties in so many ways. Commercial properties are properties acquired by corporate companies or a group of individuals (partnerships) and sometimes are being sold to would be buyer at a much higher market value. Commercial properties are usually acquired to be leased to a third party. Banks, Marts, Coffee shops and Car dealers are some of the best examples of commercial properties that you could find in the region.

    Furthermore, buyers need to produce additional documents when buying for commercial properties such as partnership amendments and company by laws before buyers can be allowed to purchase the said properties. On the other hand, residential properties are basically those properties owned by an individual and can be bought without the need of producing additional documents as long as the buyer have the capacity to pay the total contract price. Apart from that, residential properties are more affordable than commercial properties.

    But what are the methods in selling commercial real estate properties? Below are the proper ways everyone can emulate when trying to dispose of commercial real estate properties.

    List the commercial property you want to sell to any active real estate listing site – The owner of the commercial property must find a way to list his property on any available listing site if he wants potential buyer to notice what he is trying to dispose of. The commercial property owner could easily go online and search for potential real estate agents who are willing to list the property. Apart from them, you may also ask the Department of Real Estate (DRE) to list your property on their database. The good thing about the DRE is they accept property listing free of charge.

    Find a reputable agent – The seller should look for a reputable agent but in doing so, the property owner must do an extensive research about the reputation of the agent they want to hire before allowing them to start the deal. The owner must also investigate the real estate agents' former clients and ask important questions that could be useful for the accomplishment of the deal.

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  • Why Sacramento Real Estate Agents Make Alot Of Money

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Sacramento, Foreclosure in Sacramento, Property Q&A in Sacramento  |  April 4, 2012 12:37 AM  |  572 views  |  No comments
    Basically, real estate agents in the region earn more than what a regular government employee does. This means that real estate agents really earn a lot and agents in Sacramento have the potential to earn six figures if given the chance. Just so you know, Real Estate industry is one of the most important reasons why Sacramento’s economy is slowly but surely bouncing back to its old form. Real estate is a big business which will give anybody unlimited earnings if done properly.

    Below are a few things to do to become an agent and start earning limitless amounts of money too;

    Enroll in a Real Estate school and learn the basics of the business – Earning in this industry is very easy but becoming an agent is a bit complicated especially at the beginning of the process. When you want to become an agent you must learn to face hardships in order to be part of this very rewarding industry. First tip; Go online and check out real estate schools offering short courses and when you have found a school, choose a course that you think will help you improve your knowledge about the industry. Secondly, enroll in your preferred course and start discovering the ins and outs of real estate.

    Listen to realtors’ advice – Learning does not end in school and everyday is another good opportunity to learn new methods and ideas. Do not waste even a single minute by just doing nothing, instead, look for a realtor that has been in the industry for such a long time and ask him to teach you ways to become a good Sacramento agent. You can learn everything about the industry through listening from the experts themselves.

    Attend open houses – Basically, attending open houses frequently will have a positive impact on your career as an agent. Open houses will give you knowledge on how real estate industry works. So, do not hesitate to attend such events to be able to fully understand the job description of being an agent. Also, get connections in the said event (you can do this by connecting to an agent or client) this way you can start advertising your services and meet potential clients in the long run.

    Help clients achieve their ultimate goal without thinking about the commission – It is a must to remember that a client's needs is what’s more important and the commission you can get from them is really not that essential at all. Just a piece of advice, when dealing with potential clients always show sincerity toward them and just wait for the exact moment when clients themselves release your commission. Don’t ever try to ask for commission once you haven’t closed the deal yet. Instead, do your best to close the deal to impress your client.

    Accept property listings and put it in your business website – Create a real estate website dedicated to listing potential properties. This will pave the way for you to gain possible clients which later on will give you lots of earnings when done properly. Naturally, clients nowadays would use the internet in looking for potential listing sites, so it is really better to create a website to stay competitive in the industry. It is also ideal though to seek help from an SEO expert to optimize your site, this technique will help your site be on top of every search engine’s page ranking. Being on top of every search engine will most likely give you more clients than those sites found at the bottom.

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  • Compeling Reasons In Choosing Sacramento Real Estate

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Sacramento, Foreclosure in Sacramento, Property Q&A in Sacramento  |  March 21, 2012 5:16 AM  |  442 views  |  No comments
    There are several great reasons why the entire Sacramento region was considered the most sought after place when it comes to Real Estate. The industry has experienced an increase in property sales late last year and realtors expected this scenario to continue until the last quarter of the year. But what was the main reason(s) why lots of Americans and other nationalities choose to migrate to Sacramento? Below are important factors why Sacramento real estate listing in the region is the choice of many people.

    Take a look at them;

    Sacramento Real estate listings are affordable – Compared to other cities in California, Sacramento is known to have a very affordable real estate market. This is because of lots of foreclosed homes being disposed of in the city. We all know that repossessed homes are really cheaper than those regular properties being sold in the industry. As estimated last December 2011, almost 25 percent of home listings being sold in the region are repossessed, thus, making home buyers go crazy over it. They will do their best to purchase at least one foreclosed property for a very reasonable amount.

    Always keep in mind though, that banks and other financial firms in the Sacramento region would always be willing to sell repossessed properties below their normal market value just to avoid the high maintenance cost of every foreclosed property.

    Sacramento is the center of academic excellence in California – This is another reason why the region is the most sought after location to move to. Students from all walks of life have chosen to study in the city because of its great colleges and universities and because of its above average educational system. Institutions in the region are actually considered competitive and one of the best in the entire west coast, making the city very popular to students. Every spring, more and more parents are inquiring for real estate listings in Sacramento in preparation for the next school year. Realtors and other real estate practitioners do believe that the good educational system in the city has something to do with the sudden influx of students in the region.

    Sacramento is California’s IT industry hub – Sacramento is also popular because lots of IT factories and offices are found in the region. Young professionals and other IT workers chose to stay here because of work. They moved in here because the region boosts an industry that cannot be found in other states in the US. Most IT experts I have spoken with really believe that the boom in the IT industry has contributed a lot in the sudden growth in the real estate industry. Since last year, there are several IT factories and plants that have transferred in to Sacramento from other locations and with them are close to thousands of employees looking for shelter to move in. Most of these people bought foreclosed properties because it is more affordable compared to other real estate listings found in the industry. Repossessed homes can be bought for half of their original value, thus, making it really attractive especially for first time home buyers.

    The region has a great climate – Finally, this is one of the most important reasons why most people have chosen to buy properties in Sacramento. The region has a mild winter and a cool summer, making the entire city very suitable for people who don’t like chilling winters and hot summers. In short, the weather in the region is very tolerable for everyone. The region’s climate can be comparable to Hawaii’s weather, not so hot, not so cold too.

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  • Sacramento Real Estate - How Repossessed Homes Work

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Sacramento, Foreclosure in Sacramento, Property Q&A in Sacramento  |  March 2, 2012 3:22 AM  |  518 views  |  No comments
    A real estate home buyer has the option to undergo the short sale method if he wants to avoid foreclosure proceedings that if not avoided, will have a negative effect on the credit score. The above mentioned method is also a good option if the home owner wants to keep away from declaring bankruptcy most specially if he has an overdue loan mortgage.

    Home owners shouldn't wait for a notice of default coming from the bank or other financial firm before looking for the answer on how to save the property from getting foreclosed. The property owner must talk to the bank immediately and inform them the reason why he's been delayed in paying the mortgage. Banks will surely understand the owner's reason and would suggest short sale technique as a prime solution in solving this kind of real estate problem.

    But I am sure you are wondering how can a property get foreclosed? There are several factors why banks would repossess real estate properties. Read the things I have written below why repossessed homes occur in Sacramento Real Estate. Check them out;

    Overdue mortgage payment - You will receive notice of default when you keep on ignoring mortgage billing for three (3) or more consecutive months. To avoid penalties and much worse, undergoing repossessed proceedings always make it a habit to pay on time and never ever skip payment so that banks won't re acquire your property without your knowledge. Keep in mind that your credit ratings will also suffer and will fall down when you allow the bank to re acquire your beloved home, so always do your best to pay on time and never dare to overlook your payment even once.

    Losing a job can also be considered a factor - Your property will be repossessed once you don't keep up with your mortgage payment and apart from that, a property will be re acquire by the mortgagee (banks and other financial firm) if they have seen reasons that you don't have the means to pay your mortgage for the succeeding months or so. One more thing, when the bank foresees that you have lost your job or don't have the right income to keep up on your loan mortgage, they will make a suggestion to let your property undergo the short sale method but when you keep on ignoring their suggestion, your property will be re acquired without further notice.

    How to prevent undergoing foreclosed properties

    Honor the payment holiday - Creditors and mortgagee such as banks will give you an option to take payment so that you can avoid undergoing foreclosure proceedings. The creditors will give you a payment holiday for at least six months. This method means that banks will allow you to pay just half of your total monthly bill until your finances improved. This option will prevent you from undergoing foreclosure proceedings but always honor the payment holiday because when you still ignore the payment holiday, your creditor will have no choice but to foreclose the property immediately.

    Get a cash loan from other financial firm - If you are brave enough and really want to avoid getting a foreclosed property, then get a cash loan from any financial entity and use the money as payment for your present mortgage balance. This will help you keep up on your monthly home mortgage and will definitely give you a breather.

    Having a repossessed home is really a traumatic experience so don't ignore your bills and always pay your loan mortgage on time to stay away from getting a repossessed property in Sacramento.

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  • Repossessed Sacramento Real Estate Homes - The Best Place To Find Them?

    Posted Under: Shopping & Local Amenities in Sacramento, Home Buying in Sacramento, Foreclosure in Sacramento  |  February 19, 2012 9:31 PM  |  721 views  |  No comments
    You can easily find foreclosed homes anywhere in the region and anytime of the day but where can you exactly find such kind of real estate property? Well, if you are really interested in looking for repossessed homes then, please take time to read the tips and advices I have written below so you can start finding your desired foreclosed homes in Sacramento. Check it out;

    Ask repossessed home listings from a trusted realtor -- It is still best to look for repossessed home listings through Sacramento realtors since they have updated listings at their own database and most often than not, realtors would make it a point to update their listings on daily basis, thus, making their listings more accurate than in any other real estate medium.

    Look for real estate advertisement such as billboards, posters and tarpaulins -- Drive around Sacramento region and nearby neighborhood and check out some real estate advertisements on billboard, posters and tarpaulins. This is an alternative way to find repossessed homes and if you are lucky enough, you will find repossessed homes being sold at a reasonable amount through these types of real estate advertisement. These particular mediums have downside though, since most of these ads are not updated regularly but still helpful in some ways. Get the number of the agent or realtor whose name and contact detail is on the sign and start inquiring about the repossessed home listings that he has listed on the said real estate ad (billboards, poster and tarpaulin). Schedule an appointment with him and check the property at your most convenient time.

    Check repossessed homes at your local bank website - Go online and check out repossessed home listing through your local bank. Get the bank's contact detail and the possible person you can speak to. Call the bank and get an appointment right away so you can start looking for repossessed homes that would suit your personality. Banks has so much repossessed home listings and it is just up to you to find the best one that will make you feel good. Banks update listings regularly to give clients a one of a kind service and satisfaction.

    Check foreclosed homes at some Private lenders -- Apart from local banks, you can easily find foreclosed or repossessed home listings from private lender companies in the region. They act like banks in terms of maintaining the entire property that has been re acquired / repossessed due to unpaid loans and mortgages. Just like banks, private lenders update listings on daily basis so you can really be sure that you can get accurate listings from them.

    You can find foreclosed home listings at government agencies -- First and foremost, government agencies are the most trusted places to look for repossessed home listings. They have also updated database most specially for repossessed homes so, if you are looking for homes that fall under this category, just check out the Department of Real Estate's (DRE) website, get their number, call them and schedule an appointment with them immediately. The DRE gives repossessed home listings for free so just visit your local DRE anytime of the day if you are really interested in buying this type of property.

    Internet repossessed homes website -- You may also try your luck by finding repossessed homes at any Internet foreclosure websites. They also offer repossessed homes but the downside of this medium is they don't update their listings regularly.

    Open houses -- Attend open houses and get connections from realtors that you will meet there. Get their contact details and call them once you have time to do so.

    Looking for the most trusted and well known professional in Sacramento Real Estate? Look no further! David Yaffee can help you in virtually ALL your Sacramento Real Estate needs. If you have more concern in Real Estate Sacramento just visit my site and call me.
  • An Inside Look At 1st Time Buyer Loan Programs

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Sacramento, Financing in Sacramento, Foreclosure in Sacramento  |  January 27, 2011 8:44 AM  |  944 views  |  No comments
  • MLS#10088443 8708 Woodman Way #E Sacramento, CA 95826

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Sacramento, Home Selling in Sacramento, Foreclosure in Sacramento  |  November 11, 2010 2:12 PM  |  485 views  |  No comments

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