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By Davidson Realty | Broker in Jacksonville, FL
  • Support St. Johns County Schools for a Chance to win a $2500 Vacation!

    Posted Under: General Area in Jacksonville, Schools in Jacksonville, Entertainment & Nightlife in Jacksonville  |  February 25, 2013 1:32 PM  |  249 views  |  No comments

    Davidson Realty’s non-profit foundation Davidson Cares recently awarded $4,800 in grants to our local St. Johns County public schools including Mill Creek Elementary School, Wards Creek Elementary School, Palencia Elementary School and Pacetti Bay Middle School! Now, we are trying to raise even more money for the schools and we need your help! Davidson Cares Travel Raffle is a chance to win $2,500 towards the vacation of your dreams.

    The raffle is perfect for any size family. You can put the $2,500 towards travel, including airfare, accommodations and entertainment for whatever trip you and your family would like to take. Whether it’s to visit relatives, take a cruise or hit the theme parks!

    Tickets are $20 per ticket or 3 for $50, and they can be purchased at the Davidson Realty office in World Golf Village. You can also earn FREE raffle tickets.  Be one of the first 50 people to visit one of the following model homes or take a mini-tour of Serenata Beach Club and get a FREE raffle ticket. Just mention Davidson Cares.

    Advantage Home Builders' model is located at 63 Palomino Way 32095 in Las Calinas and Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ Bermuda model is located at 130 Senora Court 32095 in Palencia.

    Advantage Home Builders model is located at 63 Palomino Way 32095 in Las CalinasArthur Rutenberg Homes’ Bermuda model is located at 130 Senora Court 32095 in Palencia

    A BIG thank you to the Travel Raffle sponsors – Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Advantage Home Builders, Serenata Beach Club and Bank of England.

    The Davidson Cares Travel Raffle is conducted by Davidson Cares, a charitable organization benefitting local World Golf Village area schools. Davidson Cares is located at 100 East Town Place, St. Augustine, Florida 32092.  The winner will be chosen at a ticket drawing on Tuesday, March 19th at the Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village Villagio Bar at 5 p.m.  All proceeds will benefit Davidson Cares www.DavidsonCares.com.  No purchase or donation is required.

  • New Facebook Contest for Davidson Realty

    Posted Under: Entertainment & Nightlife in Saint Augustine  |  August 13, 2010 7:52 AM  |  307 views  |  No comments
    Davidson Realty has been all about social media for over a year now. We’ve been blogging on all the events we do, the trends in Jacksonville FL real estate we see, and the people we meet. We have been creating a library of the monthly webinars we’ve been hosting and we now have them up on our website. We’ve been posting on our Facebook page and tweeting, too! We even started a LinkedIn group for the real estate industry in Northeast Florida (North Florida Real Estate Trends) and, quite frankly, we have been having fun doing it all! 

    Hopefully, all the information we have shared has been beneficial to you, but now we want you to have fun too! We are starting to have contests on our Davidson Realty Facebook page and this month it is Trivia Time! Every other month, we will ask a question on our Facebook Fan page. You will be able to find the answer on our website, if you don’t already know it. The first person to answer it correctly wins a great prize! This month the prize is tickets to see Toy Story 3 at the
    World Golf Village IMAX and the question goes up today on our page.

    Since we only do Trivia Time every other month, we have another contest for the months in between! In September, we are having a photo contest, so we will post a category for pictures we want to collect. In September, it will be ‘back to school’ pictures, so make sure to take photos of all your kids as they head back to the classroom! We will ask you to send your favorite ‘back to school’ photo to pdavidson@davidsonrealtyinc.com then we will post all of them on our Facebook page and let our fans vote for their favorite. And, guess what? The winner gets a fabulous prize!

    Obviously, we would love to have you participate in the new contests, but we would also welcome your feedback on them. And we would love to know what prizes you would like best…so please share your comments with us!
  • See Eclipse at the World Golf Village IMAX!

    Posted Under: Entertainment & Nightlife in Saint Augustine  |  July 14, 2010 7:17 AM  |  342 views  |  No comments
    “Twilight” mania is everywhere! Stephanie Meyer’s series of books were wildly popular even before they were transformed into movies. As the 3rd movie in the Twilight sage, “Eclipse”, hits theaters the furor hits an all time high! Come enjoy the romantic thriller in its full glory for a limited time at the World Golf IMAX movie theater with a six-story high screen! This makes it the largest IMAX screen in Northeast Florida and a great way to watch all of the action…

    For the one or two of you that don’t know, Twilight is a story about an ordinary teenage girl, Bella, who falls in love with an exotic vampire, Edward. Of course, this creates some unique challenges for their relationship. Their love is further complicated by the fact that Bella is also in love with Jacob, a werewolf! (She definitely loves Edward the most though!)

    Team Edward or Team Jacob? After watching Eclipse, I must admit I am on Team Jacob. I think he is cuter than the skinny and pale Edward. (I have to wonder if I am going to get nasty comments on this blog post now!) But I mostly like Jacob because he is honest with Bella. Edward tends to “protect” her too much and this leads to controlling behavior on his part…that is simply unattractive to me. Doesn’t this bother anyone else? And there is the small fact he is eventually going to take her soul away! Although I don’t think the movie will ever be nominated for an Oscar, it is a great way to escape for two hours or so!

    Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how wonderful it was to simply ride our bikes to see this IMAX movie! When you live in The Neighborhoods of World Golf Village, the theater is practically in your own backyard. For more information about living in the best Jacksonville golf course community, visit Davidson Realty.
  • "People Before Ponce de Leon" in St. Augustine, Florida

    Posted Under: Entertainment & Nightlife in Saint Augustine  |  November 20, 2009 1:21 PM  |  476 views  |  No comments

    On Nov. 8, the St. Augustine 450th Commemoration Commission held the first historical presentation, “People Before Ponce de Leon,” at Flagler Auditorium. I was one of the first to arrive after having a mushroom cheeseburger at JJ’s Heritage Café. There was a pretty good crowd waiting for the doors to open. When they did open, we crowded around a table to receive our “passports” and to have them stamped. The Commission will have to handle the millions of people expected to visit St. Augustine during commemoration better than they handled the first 50 to rush to the table.  But I got my passport and picked my seat in the auditorium. For the next 20 minutes, people continued to enter in a steady stream. By 7 pm, the 800 seat auditorium was SRO, with attendees sitting in the aisle ways and standing in the ramps.
    This wasn’t a glitzy presentation or a tourist trap depiction of the Seminole Indians. There were no dances, chanting or alligator wrestling. Dana St. Clair did an excellent job laying the ground work for the series of seven presentations, which cover the entire lead up to the 450th Commemoration. He reminded us that when Jamestown was founded, St Augustine already had a city plan.
    Willie Johns was the featured speaker. He is a Seminole historian & historical specialist.  His presentation style is a rambling, seemingly unstructured discourse. But, when he was finished, we were entertained, enlightened, educated and enthusiastic about the series. 

    Willie just talked. He talked about the history of the Seminole tribes. In fact, there is not actually a Seminole tribe. The name comes from the Spanish word for “untamed” and then evolved to Seminole by the English. I’d classify the evening as thought provoking, entertaining, and a reminder that Florida was settled by the Europeans through the blood and tears of the original people, as was most of the US. I came away with one powerful thought on the current status of the Seminole Indians, “pride and sovereignty.” 

    Mixed with the pride is an element of sadness and bitterness in the Seminole nation today.  But, as Willie talked, there is still a need for a level of sovereignty.  The Seminoles will be setting up their own court system in the near future.  They are owners of cattle, sugar cane, restaurants and gambling casinos, but they still fight to maintain their history, culture, and sovereignty.
    The next presentation is on Nov. 23 and is entitled “People Before Ponce de Leon”. Come meet me for dinner at JJ’s Heritage Café and we’ll go to the presentation together!

    Written by Davidson agent, Jock Ochiltree

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