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By David Waite | Broker in Beaverton, OR

To Your Home and to Your Health 2011

Now it's been a couple of weeks into the New Year and I wanted to pass on this great inspirational article I received from my club manager at 24 Hour Fitness. I have set my goals...have you?

Set No Limits In 2011

Over the last 30 days most people have thought about what they accomplished in 2010 & what they would like to accomplish in 2011. With 2011 under way, taking the time to write down your personal & professional GOALS is very important. We are much more likely to accomplish them by taking the time to declare our desired results with specific targets & measurable results and we continue to look at them throughout the year, not just for the month of January or the 1st 3 months of the year.

Over 80% of Americans have set a goal of being healthier in 2011 as they did in 2010,2009 & have done every other year. Ask yourself, is this going to be just another year or the year you truly see results, you take action & you make change? More importantly than a goal of being healthier, ask yourself what this means to you? When was the last time you looked & felt the way you wanted? And what has changed since you felt that way? By asking yourself these simple questions & being honest with yourself you have taken the first step & lastly quit telling yourself you will start tomorrow, because tomorrow will never come if you don't start doing something today. In asking yourself these questions many of us in being honest with ourselves will say "I have never looked & felt the way I wanted" whether you are looking to lose 10lbs or 100 lbs the 1st step is being honest with yourself. If you have set a goal of being healthier in the past, have you found the knowledge & education you need & motivation & accountability you want to accomplish such a thing?

Over the past several years health clubs continue to see are increase in not only new members joining health clubs, but existing members using their gym memberships. Simply stated the opportunity to relieve stress, develop relationships, achieve goals & improve our quality of life positively effects everything that is important to us. From our relationship with our families, to our careers, education, financial goals & spiritual beliefs are effected by making our health a priority. This is no longer a luxury for most Americans, it is a necessity. Health clubs nation wide are seeing 10-15% increases in usage year over year & the result that people are seeing is priceless, a better quality of life that we can not place a price tag on.

In 2011 I encourage you to not only set a goal of being healthier for yourself, but to really figure out what that means to you? Take the time to find activities you enjoy that will allow you to start to lose the weight you want, lower your cholesterol, increase your energy, improve your attitude, increase your confidence or simply give you a break from everyday life. By finding people who support & encourage you to accomplish your health related goals you will open doors for yourself that will improve every aspect of your life. By giving to yourself you will have the opportunity to change other peoples lives in a way that you would have not imagined possible. Set No Limits to your health related goals in 2011 & improve your every aspect of your life.

11 Things you can do to improve your Health in 2011 -

10,000 steps daily - roughly 5 miles (will help you maintain your weight)
Smaller portions w/ frequent meals (allows your metabolism to work more efficiently)
Stretch for 15 mins for every hour of exercise you do (prevent common injury & help to reduce soreness)
Drink 96oz of water daily (allows your body to stay more efficient)
Use a multi-vitamin & protein supplement daily (provides you w/ needed nutrients & protein w/o excess calories)
Get involved in an organization that will allow you to stay active (health club, recreational athletic team,etc. provides a positive environment for success)
Find a workout buddy to hold you accountable (gives you the extra motivation when you lack it)
Eat natural organic fresh foods vs. processed foods (maximizes the quality of nutrition you receive from the food you eat)
Target yourself to burn 500-1000 calories during each workout (200 calories excess daily will result in the average person gaining 20 lbs in 1 yr)
Start your day with breakfast & 16oz of water (this will boost your energy & get your metabolism working better for you)
Encourage other around you by having them see your success in 2011 (will keep you on track & pass on the benefits to others)

Please feel free to contact us if you would like any additional information, would like to try our facility out or you have any additional questions to help you get on track in 2011....
In GOOD Health - Shawn Thurston Club Manager | Murray Hill Sport 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc. 503.579.5090 voice cmclub415@24hourfit.com

David Waite l John L. Scott Market Center 503.887.5323 cell www.johnlscott.com/davidwa

This bright new year is given me hope to live each day with zest....to grow daily and try to be my very best!

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