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By David Rogoff and Bonnie Chernin | Agent in Brooklyn, NY
  • Fillmore.com is a website to behold

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Brooklyn, Home Selling in Brooklyn, Agent2Agent in Brooklyn  |  April 20, 2011 9:14 PM  |  2,265 views  |  1 comment

    For those who have not yet checked out Fillmore.com's new website we invite them to do so now.

    One of the reasons we love our firm is that they are on the cutting edge of technology.  From its new colors to enhanced functionality it blows away the competition.  Potential buyers should test drive home finder features.

    Sellers should be aware that agents can better manage their buyer leads with enhanced functions.  No other firm can match these features.

    Bonnie Chernin and David Rogoff
    Fillmore Real Estate Branch #19
    917-593-4068 (David Cell)
    646-318-5031 (Bonnie Cell)

    http://www.BestHomesInBrooklyn.com our SEO enhanced website.

  • Pregnant Squirrel Invades Coney Island Co-op - Gives Birth to 4

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Brooklyn, Home Selling in Brooklyn, Agent2Agent in Brooklyn  |  April 7, 2011 9:47 PM  |  2,326 views  |  1 comment
    An elderly couple returning from an afternoon shopping trip were shocked to find a squirrel running around their living room.  What's amazing is that their 2 bedroom co-op is on the 8th floor of a 20 story co-op building in the Luna Park development in Coney Island.  The buildings are undergoing a major $30 Million renovation of all the exterior brickwork and motorized scaffolding has been installed around the buildings.  The squirrel obviously used the scaffolding structure to reach the 8th floor and enter via an open window.

    In a panic they called the 60th Precinct and 6 officers responded along with 2 private security guards and later a NYPD Emergency Services Unit team.  By this time all windows were opened and the apartment door was also left ajar so the squirrel could exit.  For about 90 minutes there were periodic sightings along with some torn drapes and a ripped sofa.  Finally one of the officers declared that she saw the squirrel exit via the front door and apartment was quiet again as everyone left.  Not convinced the elderly couple shut the bedroom doors and isolated the rooms from each other and went to bed.

    All was quiet inside until the next afternoon.  The husband was cleaning out a vintage wood entertainment center when he saw 2 small grey balls moving.  Thinking it was just dust he examined them closely and noted that were newly born squirrels.  Out of the corner of his eye he noticed movement behind the television as the squirrel's mother moved around.  Obviously she gave birth in one section of the entertainment center attracted by its seclusion and warmth.  The couple called the 60th Precinct again and 2 officers using small carboard boxes captured the adult and found that she had given birth to 4 little ones.  Officers report that both mother and little ones are doing well and will be safely released.

    That elderly couple are my parents, Beatrice and Nathan Rogoff.  

    What is the moral to this furry tale....? 

    If you scurry outside to shop and you live in a Brooklyn co-op, please be aware of a squirrel out there who seems like she's ready to pop.  Through your window she may hop, and then she's hard to stop.  Before she enters labor, just call your neighbor and alert your neighborhood cop. 

    Bonnie Chernin and David Rogoff
    Fillmore Real Estate Branch #19
    917-593-4068 (David Cell)
    646-318-5031 (Bonnie Cell)

    http://www.BestHomesInBrooklyn.com our SEO enhanced website.

  • Homecrest Brooklyn Homes for Sale

    Posted Under: General Area in Brooklyn, Home Buying in Brooklyn, Home Selling in Brooklyn  |  November 19, 2010 6:53 PM  |  2,525 views  |  No comments
    Homecrest Brooklyn real estate is popular with many nationalities like Italians, Israelis, Syrians, Russians and Hispanics. However, the area is home to many people of Asian descent, particularly China. In fact, Homecrest Brooklyn real estate consists of homes, but also a number of Chinese-run Asian fruit markets, restaurants, beauty salons, computer and general electronic dealers. That makes Homecrest one of the largest 'Chinatowns' in New York.

    Homecrest Brooklyn Real Estate : A True Melting Pot

    Many people of different backgrounds and faiths search for Homecrest Brooklyn real estate. The reason is, aside from having a 'Chinatown', you'll also find several place of worship here like Orthodox and Sephardic synagogues, Roman Catholic Parishes, Baptist and Presbyterian Churches, as well as a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall.

    Education is also important to many people looking to buy Homecrest Brooklyn real estate. You'll find several public schools in the area, but also private ones including St. Edmunds Prep Academy (http://www.stedmundhs.org), Nefesh Academy for Girls at 1750 East 17th Street, phone number (718) 339-9880, and Windmill Montessori School (http://www.greatschools.org/new-york/brooklyn/7970-Windmill-Montessori-School/) -- to name a few. As for higher education, there's Touro College and the Touro College Graduate School Of Education and Psychology located nearby.

    As for the Homecrest Brooklyn real estate itself you'll find a mix that's as original and distinctive as the population. There's everything --  such as condominiums, two-story 'mini-mansion' homes, one-story bungalows or one-story brick homes --  and many feature backyards and driveways. That means when it comes to Homecrest Brooklyn real estate there's truly something for everyone.

    Bonnie Chernin & David Rogoff: Your Homecrest Brooklyn Real Estate Agents

  • Madison Brooklyn real estate; how sweet it is!

    Posted Under: General Area in Brooklyn, Home Buying in Brooklyn, In My Neighborhood in Brooklyn  |  November 2, 2010 9:00 PM  |  2,516 views  |  No comments
    If you're looking for elegant homes in the Big Apple that features tree-lined streets and a suburban feel, Madison Brooklyn real estate might fit you perfectly. East of Homecrest and south of Midwood, this area is one of the most sought-after in New York. That's why many of the home prices here are anywhere from half a million to several million. You'll find Madison Brooklyn real estate in a variety of styles like semi attached or fully detached single-family homes. If you'd like to learn more about this beautiful enclave of fantastic homes read on.

    Madison Brooklyn Real Estate : Residential Neighborhood At Its Finest

    When you look at the history of most neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Madison is a relative newcomer. It began when a farm was sold for development in 1877. One of the reasons this area became popular is because of its proximity to the Sheepshead Bay racetrack. Today, however, many people choose Madison as their primary residence because of the lovely homes and community.  In the Madison neighborhood, you are bordered by Sheepshead Bay to the south, Midwood to the north and you are never far from transportation, shopping, schools or houses of worship. 

    One of our favorite places in the heart of the Brooklyn NY Madison area (and one which we encourage our clients to check out) is a chocolate factory and store famous to locals for their delectable tasty treats, courtesy of JoMart Chocolates (www.jomartchocolates.com). Founded in 1946 by the Rogak Family, this chocolatier serves many sugary delights like chocolate bars, pecan rolls, caramels and truffles. In fact, many people travel to this neighborhood to indulge their sweet tooth. It's just one reason why the Madison neighborhood is one of the sweetest locations in the borough of Brooklyn, and a great place to visit.

  • Park Slope Brooklyn Homes for Sale

    Posted Under: General Area in Park Slope, Home Buying in Park Slope  |  October 15, 2010 9:00 PM  |  1,076 views  |  No comments
    What can you expect in Park Slope Brooklyn real estate? The answer is a little bit of everything. Here you'll find four stories row houses, but also superb mansions and some of the most luxurious Queen Anne residences in all of New York. One of the reasons that this area is so fashionable is because of its proximity to Manhattan. So for people looking to be close to The City while still retaining some distance, Park Slope Brooklyn real estate is a popular choice.

    Park Slope Brooklyn Real Estate: A City Within a City

    Park Slope Brooklyn real estate is conveniently close to a number of shops and restaurants. For example, you'll find the Chocolate Room, which serves up Belgian and French chocolate delights. There is also Back to the Land, a natural food store in the heart of Park Slope.

    However, if you're looking for food already prepared there are two places in particular that residents enjoy - Convivium Osteria Restaurant and Stone Park Café.   At Convivium Osteria Restaurant you'll find classical Mediterranean Cuisine in a formal setting as well as specially selected wines from the various regions of Italy, Spain and Portugal.  Stone Park Café, although they also offer an impressive wine list, provides American favorites for diners.  But if you what you really enjoy is architecture there's always the Annual Park Slope House Tour.  Since 1959 this ‘parade of homes' has entertained countless people.  In the end, when you purchase Park Slope homes for sale you'll find that the conveniences you need are never too far away.
  • Midwood Brooklyn NY is a terrific neighborhood for living and working

    Posted Under: General Area in Midwood, Home Buying in Midwood, Home Selling in Midwood  |  October 9, 2010 2:45 PM  |  2,082 views  |  2 comments
    Midwood Brooklyn Homes for Sale

    Midwood Brooklyn real estate is a centrally located neighborhood with larger homes. You'll find that travel in this area can be quite convenient since there are subway stops and bus stops in the area to help you get around the city. As for the homes themselves, Midwood Brooklyn real estate provides some of the deepest lots you'll find in New York, with many single-family detached home sites averaging 40x100 ft. in size. In addition to larger sized lots, the area is also home to several other amenities. That means when you purchase Midwood Brooklyn real estate you'll have room to breathe, but also much to do.

    Midwood Brooklyn Real Estate : Close To Everything

    Midwood Brooklyn real estate always seems to be in demand, and why not? It's one of the oldest areas in New York filled with lots of Dutch heritage, including the area's name 'Midwout', which means 'middle wood.' The area didn't truly develop residentially though until the 1920s. Since that time it's become a location popular with many movie production companies searching for that 'authentic New York feel' in their films. At one time, Midwood was home to Vitagraph Studios, one of the producers of silent films. The studio was later sold to Warner Brothers and used for short films until 1939. Most recently, the building is used as a girl's yeshiva.

    Midwood Brooklyn real estate owners have some distinctive gems that can't be found elsewhere in the city. For example, when it comes to corned beef sandwiches, french fries, knishes and soup you'll find old standby places like Adelman's Deli.  Or you can opt for Di Fara Pizza, considered to be some of the best in New York according to a recent Zagat Survey.  In educational pursuits, there' s a nearby branch of the Brooklyn Public Library as well as CUNY Brooklyn College (www.brooklyn.cuny.edu). You'll find that when you buy Midwood Brooklyn real estate you're never to far from all the amenities that make life a little easier and enjoyable.

  • New listing

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Brooklyn  |  May 22, 2010 8:39 PM  |  534 views  |  1 comment
    To all Trulia buyers:

    Are you seeking an excellent buy on a 2 BR co-op in the Marine Park or Sheepshead Bay area?  We just listed a beautiful, large 2 BR corner unit in Brigham Park that has been upgraded with a new EIK, fully tiled bath, six closets, and huge Master BR. 

    Ample street parking available and no alternate side parking for blocks around! 

    Co-op requires 25% down payment with excess reserves after closing (liquid assets).

    No pets.  No subletting.  Must be owner-occuped.

    The maintenance is $749 which is reasonable for a 2 BR and includes all maintenance (G/E, taxes and heat). 

    Contact David at 917-593-4068 for more information.


    David Rogoff & Bonnie Chernin
    Fillmore Real Estate
    2926 Avenue J
    Brooklyn, NY  11210
    E-mail:  david@BestHomesInBrooklyn.com
    David Mobile:  917-593-4068
    Bonnie Mobile:  646-318-5031

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