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By David | Real Estate Pro in Saint Louis County, MO
  • Three Reasons to Start a Real Estate Career

    Posted Under: Home Selling  |  July 25, 2011 9:02 AM  |  1,336 views  |  No comments

    So many people are struggling to find a career that they can feel secure in during these tough economic times. One surprising front-runner in the industries that are expected to see a lot of opportunity for employment over the next few years is the real estate industry. The real estate market recovery is not a matter of if it will improve, but rather a matter of when the recovery will begin. In many areas, it has already begun. These are just three of the reasons to start a real estate career right now.

    The first reason is simple…there are jobs in real estate. Experts are listing real estate careers among the top jobs for the future. Whether you get a real estate license to become a real estate agent or broker, or you become a licensed real estate appraiser, careers in real estate are expected to be in high demand over the next 5-8 years all over the country..

    The second reason to start a real estate career is affordability. For anyone who has ever considered getting a real estate license this is the time to do it. The cost of the real estate training and the licensing fees combined are far less than the cost of a single semester at a traditional college, so you will not have to start your new career in debt as you would with most college degree programs. Even for anyone who is not considering a career change, but simply would like to buy a house while the pricing and interest rates are low. By investing a minimal amount of time and money in getting your real estate license before you buy, you could save thousands at the closing table if one of the commission checks cut belongs to you.

    Finally, the ease and convenience in getting your real estate license is the best reason to start a real estate career. To get your real estate in any state the basic qualifications are very simple. If you are at least 18 years of age and have no undisclosed criminal record then you will be eligible to take the real estate courses required by your state to earn a real estate license. Although the actual number of course hours needed will vary from state to state, they can usually be completed in anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. Online real estate schools allow you to have access to your course work and exams at any time of the day or night, so they are easy to fit into your schedule, no matter what hours you keep.

    These are just three of the reasons; the list of reasons to get your real estate license now could go on and on. The income generating potential, the complete flexibility of a real estate career, the opportunity for advancing your career as you gain experience becoming a broker or an employing broker; there are too many reasons to list. The simpler list would be the reasons not to get your real estate license, because there are none. Right now is a great time to start a real estate career.

  • Online Listings Should NOT Cost You Business

    Posted Under: Home Selling  |  July 19, 2011 7:15 AM  |  1,318 views  |  No comments

    Buyers are starting to make their way back into the real estate market. As they do, one thing that you can count on is that most of them will be using the internet to do their own research before they ever consider contacting a real estate agent. There is far more information to be found online than there was prior to the housing crisis, which is not always a good thing.

    According to the National Association of Realtors, roughly 90% of buyers will research properties online, and many of them will find that the information they have armed themselves with is far from accurate. Most of the discrepancies lie in data entry errors or a lack of attention paid to updating the listings as new information was made available. These errors may seem simple, and they are easy enough to correct, but not keeping your online presence up to date could definitely be costing you business.

    When I buyer goes online to find their dream home, most times they are looking for specifics important to them. The numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. are all things they are looking for when they begin their search. Things like garages and finished basements are also things that may attract a buyer to view a property. When they have found a home on MLS with a finished basement and garage, only to find the basement partially finished with a carport, buyers will grow leery of the agent with the inaccurate listing.

    Finding a home they are interested in online usually leads to an online request for information. This request goes largely un-responded to in many cases. In a significant number of cases, the listings are completely out of date. Even if the initial information goes in seemingly correct, it is estimates that over 20% of listings posted to the MLS are not updated when more accurate information is found.

    The use of the internet in real estate is relatively new, and the interest in it is growing at a pace much faster than the industry can keep up. One way to keep you business thriving above the rest is to embrace the internet as the amazing marketing tool that it is and treat it with as much care and expertise as you would any other marketing promotion. A successful real estate agent would never place inaccurate ads in a publication to generate business. If a property was sold, they would not actively market that property. Listing posted online should be treated with the same care.

    A successful real estate career in the future will include a growing online presence. The best way to use this momentum to build your business is to take great care with your listings online. Keep the information on each listing that you post fresh and up to date. Maintain a constant monitoring of your online presence so you are not missing any potential customers requesting a showing that you do not know about.

    In real estate it is all about service. It is as simple as that. If you do not provide proper service to your clients and potential customers, you will lose them. If you are not maintaining your online listings, you can be sure they are costing you business.

    Where Real Estate Listings Fail

  • When to Fire Your Real Estate Agent

    Posted Under: Home Buying, Home Selling  |  July 19, 2011 7:01 AM  |  1,495 views  |  No comments
    Buying or selling your home is a big deal and if you are looking for help with either, you should not settle when it comes to your real estate agent. It is important to find the right real estate agent to help you maneuver through what can be a complicated and stressful process. Who the right real estate agent is for you could depend on many things. There are, however, a few signs that you can look out for to know when you have got the wrong real estate agent.

    If you have a hard time reaching them, chances are they are the wrong real estate agent. Communication between you and the professionals who represent you can make the process a lot less stressful. There should be a good deal of communication between you and your real estate agent, especially in the beginning of the process. If they take days to return phone calls and never seem to be around to answer your questions, you need a new real estate agent.

    If when you do reach them, they just do not listen to you, you need a new real estate agent. The sale or purchase of your home is something very personal. You should not have to be pushed into something the real estate agent thinks meets your needs. The right real estate agent will hear what you want in your home and do what they can to make it happen for you.

    Even if they have had their real estate license for years, if your real estate agent does not do their homework, you need another agent. The best real estate agents know more than what is on the listing sheet; they know their market.

    Some people just make a bad impression, and if you feel that your current real estate agent is unprofessional, it is certain that others will also. If they make you uncomfortable or you feel like they are not trustworthy, then there is no reason to have them representing you. If you do not like your real estate agent, you need to find one that you do.

  • How To Start A Successful Career In Real Estate Today!

    Posted Under: General Area in California City, Market Conditions in California City, Home Selling in California City  |  January 3, 2011 11:27 AM  |  777 views  |  No comments

    When you are looking to start a new career, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Choosing a new career path, researching what education, or training will be required, and determining how to fit it into your schedule and your budget are all things to consider when you are making a decision. One industry that experts are anticipating a great deal of career opportunity in 2011 and the years to come is the real estate industry. Getting your real estate license is simple and affordable; finding the real estate school that is right for you is the first step in how to start a successful career in real estate today.

    Each state has its own requirements in order to qualify for the real estate license exam. Your state’s licensing department will have information regarding approved education providers and the number of real estate course hours required. Most states offer online real estate schools to choose from so the real estate training is incredibly convenient. The real estate course materials are available to you at any time of the day or night from any computer that has access to the internet. Some online real estate schools even offer access to the course materials from your cell phone. If you have an iPhone, Blackberry, or other Android powered Smartphone you can study with no app required.

    Most college degree or certification programs will leave you under a mound of debt that could take years to pay off. In most states, you can start your successful career in real estate today with an investment of less than $500.00. Instead of spending years repaying student debt, you will earn enough to recoup the cost of your education and licensing with your very first commission earned.

    Once you have determined the real estate school that is right for you, and successfully completed the required real estate training, you will be able to apply to take your state’s real estate licensing exam. In some states if you pass the exam, you will leave the testing facility licensed and ready to go to work. In other states, you may have to wait for your license to be processed and sent to your employing broker. In either case, you are only weeks away from starting a lucrative career in real estate.

    There are not many career paths that you can begin working in a couple of months and for a few hundred dollars. There are even fewer careers with the kind of income generating possibilities offered in a real estate career. With the affordability and convenience of earning a real estate license and the opportunity anticipated in the real estate industry, today is a great time to start a successful career in real estate.

  • Start a new Career in Time for the Holidays

    Posted Under: Market Conditions, Home Buying, Home Selling  |  September 19, 2010 4:48 PM  |  423 views  |  No comments

    Unemployment levels are still very high nationwide and many individuals are searching for work. Now that the holidays are right around the corner the search for income stability is on. College degrees cost tens of thousands of dollars and will take years to pay off. People who are out of work now cannot wait years to turn things around. The good news is that there is an industry that anticipates increases in employment opportunities for years to come; the great news is that in many cases you can be licensed and ready to work in time for the holidays and without going into debt. All you need to get started is your real estate license.

    Earning a real estate license is easier than you might think. Each state has its own requirements to qualify to take the real estate license exam. In most states the basics include being at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent and of good character. If you meet the basic requirements then you can take the real estate courses necessary to take the license exam. The number of course hours needed varies from state to state and can be completed in anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. When the course hours have been completed and a successful score the course final has been earned, you will be able to take the real estate exam.

    Making earning a real estate license even more convenient is the availability of approved online real estate schools. Real estate courses are available online on your computer or laptop, and now even on your iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile phone with Android technology with no apps needed. The course assignments and exams are available on demand from anywhere you are, whenever you have the time to study. Instead of hoping to start a new career with your degree in a few years, you could be a successful real estate agent in time for the holidays.

    While a career in real estate offers fantastic income generating potential, it remains one of the most affordable career choices around. The real estate courses and licensing fees combined will cost well under $1000.00 in most states; far less than a single semester of college. Instead of starting a new career under a mountain of student loan debt, you could earn back everything you spent on your real estate license with your first commission with plenty left over for holiday shopping.

    The holidays are fast approaching, but there is still time to start a prosperous new career in real estate. 

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