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By realtors | Both Buyer and Seller in Los Angeles, CA

What 15 Minutes Is Really Worth in Insurance

When Geico began their infamous pitch for spending fifteen minutes to save 15% or more on car insurance, they basically had in their minds to guide a customer to perform due diligence on a car insurance company, or several side-by-side, to see which one has the lowest possible rate.  Now, I am not sure exactly how the average person shopped for car insurance in the 80's and early 90's, but most of us probably pulled out the phone book, called a few agents, and jotted down prices of coverage, then talked with our significant other before making a final decision as to who to go with; this process probably amassed the 15 minute mark tenfold.

However, we are in a digital world where one search query can put a few dozen instant quotes from car insurance companies both on a local and national level right in from of your screen, allowing you to make choices instantly in terms of price and coverage amounts.  However, is this instantaneous process really a frugal means of helping customers to choose, or is it really a hook to push a company on you in a faster way?  It would seem that one would want some company history, idea of how the car insurance company handles their customer service, billing options, and history of complaints before they bought a policy.

On the surface, you may be stoked that you can quickly find a car insurance quote from 50 companies instantly.  However, it is never suggested to take 15 minutes to save 15% when, in the end, it just may mean you paid 15% too much or got 15 times more screwed then before your search began.  Saving money on car insurance is a great thing, but you should always keep an open mind when deciding, and know that the best savings are sometimes the worst choices in terms of your actual car insurance needs.  Of course, after you've shopped at sites like this one, you'll need full coverage auto insurance that's trustworthy - and not based off 15 minutes of fame.

The Need For Car Insurance Quotes

When you go and buy a can of ravioli, it is not logical to call two different manufacturers and get quotes on their ingredients and costs; we tend to buy what we are familiar with.  So, in terms of car insurance, why don't we simply go to the first agent we see and buy instead of wasting time calling several companies first?  Well, unlike ravioli, car insurance is a life changing decision that is cost and detail sensitive.  There are many components to a car insurance policy, many add-on options to consider, and factors that could sway you towards one direction or another. The need for a car insurance quote is almost imperative to see a sneak peek of the offerings of a particular company.

When deciding on who will provide your car insurance quotation, the website should be read completely and all of the ‘fine-print’ gone through first before putting your personal information out there.  A company that takes your information and sells it or keeps it for their own marketing use is not a company I would go with.  Answering 'loose' questions about your driving history is plenty enough to get a car insurance quote without having to divulge your driver's license or social security numbers.  Any website that seems to require too much information is one I would personally avoid.  The website that has no privacy policy OR SSL (secure sockets layering) in place should also be avoided, too; this means that your information is NOT secure and can be compromised at any time.

Car insurance quotes are meant to be a taste test into the offerings of a company and what you could potentially receive in your car insurance policy.  Digging deep into the website before filling out a form is worth the extra time, and could save you from unwanted marketing calls from other car insurance companies because your information was compromised or sold.

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