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By dave | Broker in Charlotte, NC

Does Paint Color Matter When Selling A House?

Does it matter what color paint you use on the walls when selling a house? Most definitely it does matter what the color of paint is on the walls when you go to sell the house. A color that you may like on the walls may not be the choice of color for the buyer....

Certain colors tend to make a room look and feel larger and warmer than other colors. because your daughter liked pink on the walls and your son wanted his room blue does not matter to a buyer. They may not want those colors.

I know a lot of people tell me but it is only paint...it can be fixed with a fresh coat of paint and they can paint it whatever color they want when they move in. yes that is true....but colors tend to make a house look different to different people.

For example, I walked into a house that had been on the market for seven months with no offers and few showings.  The seller could not understand why.  Home was priced right.  Well as soon as you walked in  you immediately noticed the colorful rooms with decor and paint that matched the sellers taste. Most buyers walking through the house were turned off by the paint colors and could not look past it. In some rooms it made the rooms feel and look smaller and the lack of fresh paint on the trim work made the house feel old and dated inside.

Now, fast forward 30 days.  When I walked into the same house that was freshly painted in a beige color on all the walls and the trim was brightened up with a white glossy paint. The rooms looked rich and bright and the house had a feel of being newer and more updated than before. Buyers were in love with the house because of the fresh paint and the feeling they got when they walked in and saw the home freshly painted and warm and inviting.  It made the house look and feel larger and open.

Because of that the showings increased dramatically and with the increase in showings came multiple offers and a closed sale…

 Paint may be an easy fix to a house that a prospective buyer can do.....but it is also something that can make your home stand out from the rest and help you get a quicker sale and possibly more money for the house.....do not neglect the little things in this housing market that can add value to your house and help you get it sold in a timely manner.


Dave diCecco


Coldwell Banker United



By Helen Oliveri,  Wed Aug 22 2012, 13:33
Great info Dave.
By Ken Allen,  Wed Aug 22 2012, 17:54
Yes, colors can make a difference.

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