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Daniele Summerfield's Blog

By Daniele Summerfield | Broker in Charlotte, NC

Million Dollar Homes and Not So Million Dollar Advertising

Mimeograph Machine Mimeograph Machine
Ever hear of the term "Big Trucks is Big Bucks" Most would say yes. The big 4x4 trucks with those big tires and extra tall stances don't come cheap. Trust me I know. I built one. Your thinking... 4x4 trucks and a photo of a mimeograph... how could this opener ever relate to real estate? I'll tell you...  Most agents would be very pleased with the thought of coveting a million dollar listing, but what comes with that prized listing is the million dollar advertising budget and state of the art products?  No.  Not apparently.
Maybe I'm spoiled and love to spoil my clients, but If I put myself into someones shoes who has a high net income, I would expect to see quality workmanship in the big ticket items I purchase.  This includes the advertising for it. Well not on TV or the newspaper, but the leave behinds and promotional materials.
Still haven't a clue where I'm going with this? Toady's market is hurting we all know it and sellers, builders and developers alike are defiantly feeling the pinch, but if I may stand on my soap box for a moment, I would like to talk about the advertising materials that are presented to a high net income buyer when they come to your "exclusive"community and how they are presented.
When they arrive, warmly welcome them in, pamper them, get them to relax and enjoy the surroundings of your designer sales office that matches the theme of your community whatever it may be. Don't rush them over to your master plan table that happens to be right at the front door and show them whats left to buy.  Real Estate class 101 people! Build Rapport.
OK. Maybe you have this part down pat and they like you and they like what you have told them about your wonderful product and the worlds best builders and tell you they are looking at a few more communities that day and do you have something they could take away with them. Crud! Here's where most everyone falls way short of the finish line. These buyers are going to spend potentially over a million dollars (that's with 6 zero's) on a home and you hand them a flimsey folder with a few pages bound in that talks about the community, a selection of floor plans (maybe) a photo copy of the master plan design (hopefully in color) a few  glossy postcards to dress up the whole package and your business card in the little tabbed holder with only 2 corners inserted because one would always pop out when you tried to get all four in.
What ever happened???
Your builders and developers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars designing the community you are so proud to show off and they let you down at the exact moment where it should count the most. The point where you are asking for the sale. Your promotional materials. THEY should be every bit as high end in design as the community it's advertising because that's exactly what it is. I'ts an extension of what you already did. The look, the feel the content should be every bit as classy and elegant as the homes that are being built. No flimsy folders that show you cut corners. Your homes have different architectural components, textures and colors. Your marketing materials should have these as well.
Follow through with a quality product from start to finish. You've worked so hard to create a community that fits the lifestyle suited for people who can afford to pay more than most will ever make in their lifetime for a home. Don't show them you cut corners with cheap looking marketing materials.
Then again... maybe I'm spoiled and my heads in the clouds and not with reality, but truthfully. I think I've got this one right.

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