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By Dan Chase | Home Buyer in Texas City, TX
  • VIP2 to VIP3 in 68 days. It was far to easy.

    Posted Under: General Area, Using Trulia  |  March 30, 2010 12:45 PM  |  3,161 views  |  13 comments
    VIP2 to VIP3 in 68 days.

    As of this date there are 22 vip3 recipients on all of trulia.
    Emily who is trulia staff, Rockinblu who is just looking and myself are the only vip3's who are not real estate professionals. Rockinblu came on board in july 2008 Emily has been on since 2007.
    My first reply was on Oct 2 2009. That is from start to vip3 in under 6 months.

    This was a feat I doubt anyone will ever duplicate unless they post a lot of blogs. Posting blogs alone can get a vip3 as can be seen looking at the list. 

    It would have taken me longer. I had some posts removed because I said the find-a-pro system was useless. The reason stated was because it was off topic. It was no more off topic than the majority of replies on trulia. It was replying to another reply which was always acceptable. I then pointed out other posts equally off topic yet they were not removed. As a result I doubled my efforts to post a lot and gain vip3 status. I looked for accidentally duplicated questions. I gave the same information in different ways just for the points. 

    I have to say one thing. I am really disappointed in a few things trulia has done. The vip program really just encourages people to post a lot. The find a pro best match only rewards those who give money to trulia. When I looked here I expected it would be something that would be helpful for buyers to find quality referrals. I can see that the ratings systems do not work to help buyers. They only work to help realtors who may or may not be good for buyers..

    The vip badges are simply a gold star like you got in grade school. Nice, but not really valuable.

    What does work is when those few realtors who know something and are willing to share in the Q&A section. There are some there I wish I could use. Sadly, they are not in the area I wish to buy in. 

    Can trulia be a good help for buyers? Yes it can. Is it needing improvements? Absolutely. Is it worth contributing much more when trulia removes posts it does not like? I am not so sure it is.

    “I just got the vip2 badge. The second level up. What does it really mean? What should it mean to consumers?”  In that blog I explained (on 1-21-2010)
    My first reply was on Oct 2 2009. I never thought of being rewarded for simply answering a question. 
    I also posted a few blogs. 16 blogs before this one. Each trying to be of help.
    The first one was showing important things to look out for when buying a house. 
    I never expected anything from my posts. I only hoped a few buyers to find it useful.
    I posted a lot. A lot of what I said was good quality. Some was not. Each post I gave received the same point value. Is that fair? Is it helpful to a buyer to see a score that means... nothing? 
    My first post was on Oct 2. 3 months and 2 1/2 weeks later vip2 
    I knew on 1-8-2010 I needed 3,656 points. I got them in 13 days. 
    I went from vip2 (9,000 points) to vip3 (24,000 points) in 68 days.

    Vip3 became possible. On March 15 I had 19,183 points. Now on March 30 I received 24,090 points to get vip3. That is only 221 points a day. One day I received 460 points.
    What is vip3 made of you ask? It is interesting. Apparently not much. Look at the numbers below.

    Your activity points to-date

    ActivityCompletion# of Points
    Create an account
    100 pts
    Complete your profile
    100 pts
    Publish a blog post
    80 pts
    Answer a question
    9,464 pts
    Ask a question
    31 pts
    Leave a blog comment
    1,458 pts
    Receive a blog comment
    150 pts
    Select a best answer
    2 pts
    Receive a best answer award
    880 pts
    Receive a thumbs up
    2,616 pts
    Receive blog page views
    6,480 pts
    Receive profile page views
    2,989 pts
    Total points24,090 pts
    * If your point total is less than the sum of all points you’ve received for each activity listed above, one or more of your posts on Trulia Voices have been removed by Trulia moderators.

    Did you notice that the biggest rewards for points came from the least work?

    Having someone look at my profile 2989 points. How does that show quality?
    Receive blog page views. Does it mean I wrote a good blog or just a good title? Hard to say isn't it?
    Posting a reply to a blog. 1,458 points. Why does it count at all? Saying great blog helps???
    Posting a reply. 9,464 points. Does it say good replies? No, it just says I posted something. Was it helpful? Was it correct? Who cares. I got points.
    150 points for receiving a blog comment. Someone says I have it all wrong and I get rewarded. (strange)

    The points that I do think should count? 
    Thumbs up (654 for 2,616 points)
    Best answers (44 for 880 points)

    If you notice a thumbs up gives the same point as any answer. So cut and paste, give anything for a quick short reply and move on. Points come faster and easier not worrying about quality or content.
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